Friday, September 27, 2013

8 weeks out

It has now been 2 months since Bailey's latest surgery - a lip and nasal revision.

I thought I would try my hand at a little Before & After photo.
Please bear with me as this is my first attempt at Photoshopping anything ever. I would have loved a nice little border action or some labeling of "before" and "after" but even doing this simple set-up pushed the boundaries of my Photoshop knowledge. (Thank you Google!)

The first shot isn't her best photo, but it is a good view of her nose and lip without her hiding her face from the camera or throwing her dress over her head.
Which by the way are all typical Bailey reactions to the camera.

The second photo was obtained by bribing her with fruit snacks if she would smile for the camera.
Worked like a dream.

The main point of the surgery was to correct the right side of her nose by making it less wide and less flat. It appears much more typical nose-like now, at least to my eyes. They also worked on the shape of her upper lip to make the right side more symmetrical to the left.

Right now her scar looks pretty red. In the above picture, directly under her nostril is red from where the stitches were from the nasal portion of the surgery. All of this will fade over time.

Per orders from her plastic surgeon, we are rubbing her scar multiple times a day. This {hopefully} will prevent it from scarring up even bigger over time. The idea is that the rubbing will break up some of the scar formation, although from everything I have read, the jury is still out on its true effectiveness. We also rub Mederma on the scar site. Who knows whether that actually makes any difference or not, but Bailey likes the smell of it so she actually allows us to rub the scar with minimal whining.

We are happy with the results. A lot of her "cosmetic" surgeries are going to be small tweaks here and there. And while most people might not even notice a change, hopefully when added together over time these surgeries will help Bailey achieve the best final result possible.


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