Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The past 10 days or so have flown by in a {sort of} organized chaos.

First things first.
Bailey.  Preschool.
She loves it. Or at least I think she does. It's hard to tell.
Jared picked her up that first day, and I was all about it as soon as she walked in the door.
How was school?
Did you have fun?
What did you learn?
Who did you play with?
What are your new friends' names?
She gave me a look that said "Really, Mom? Please." without saying a word. I pressed her a little and she acted all nonchalant, like she had done this first-day-of-school thing a million times, and said, "I drove a car and cooked."
She walked off. End of story.
*sigh*  The school-time apathy has started...
Next up: the bus.
She rides for the first time on Thursday. She is beyond pumped. Hopefully she is just as excited when the times comes to actually ride it. I will take some tears; I am just hoping she doesn't hold onto a fence post screaming bloody murder like my sister Justy did when she was forced to ride the bus at age five.

Other events for the week:
Cathy (Jared's madre) came to visit for a few days. She actually drove a U-Haul out with stuff from Jared's grandpa since his house just sold. We spent a hot afternoon moving some furniture into our breezeway - aka the room with (I kid you not) SEVEN entrances. It is a decorating/arranging nightmare. Jared's grandpa had a nice pull-out couch that looks really nice in the space. It helped define the room a bit to have some decent furniture in it. It had become a catch-all over the summer. And it is so hard to have any sort of flow to a room that has 6 doors and a basement staircase in it!

It was SO HOT this past week. We literally just hid indoors. I am all for playing outside. but I am not going to even pretend to care about sitting outside watching the kids when it is over 100º before factoring in humidity. I know Cathy (and her hair) thank me for staying indoors.

This past Friday we all loaded up and went to Omaha for Bailey's follow-up appointment. She didn't want to go, especially since last time she had to be held down by three people to get her stitches out. Hello, traumatic.
Jared and I assured her this was only an appointment to look. The doctor was only going to shine his flashlight and take pictures.
We suck.
Dr. Miller (Bailey's plastic surgeon) did shine his flashlight.
And he found a remaining suture.
Game over.
The screaming began in earnest and I felt like the world's worst parent since I had told her we wouldn't be doing anything that hurt. I had to bodily lay on her to get her to stop trying to kick the doctor in the face with her shoe while he was wielding sharp little scissors near her face. In reality the suture was on the outside of her nose and it took him less than 1 second to get it out, but the experience of it all was traumatic. Again.
It took a full five minutes to calm her down. And believe me when I say that she was flat-out pissed at everyone for the rest of the day.
We went shopping for new clothes with Grandma Cathy and even looking at new dresses did nothing to lift her spirits. She was just plain insolent all day long.

After an afternoon of fun shopping (despite the temps in the 100s), we spent the night in a hotel (Holla! State rate!) and the kids got to swim. We actually got an amazing night of sleep. Little G man sacked out by 8:30 or so and slept for 12 hours. Beyond glorious. We spent the next day eating more food than we should, shopping more, taking my kids to the Children's Museum {where they swapped tons of germs with other little grubby kids}, and seeing my sister Fe's new house. By the time we dropped Cathy off at the airport that evening, we were all spent and ready to collapse in bed.

Last week I started watching two other children, Jace and Mia.
Jace is a 2 year-old little boy only 4 days older than Avery, and Mia is not even 2 months-old yet. Add them into the mix with my three and you have a full day, believe me!
Jace has been a total sweetie and plays so well with the girls, even though they try their best to boss him around. Mia is so tiny! We are still figuring each other out, especially since she is a breastfed baby and would definitely prefer just having her mommy around. It was extremely helpful to have Cathy here the first two days since this is new for all of us. She could hold Mia while I prepared lunch or break up a fight over blocks while I fed Graham.

Today was a longer day with the kids and all went well. Graham definitely doesn't appreciate having to share his mom. Today while I was feeding Mia, he had his first tantrum - throwing himself down on the floor and crying. Multiple times. He is all of 9 months-old. Seriously, kid?? It was so impressive I actually got it recorded on my phone. (Now if only my phone wasn't from 1952 so I could upload it onto this site...)

And with all this stuff going on, each of us has a cold now too.
And sore throats.
And horrible coughs.
I really should be in bed at this point. So on that note, goodnight!

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