Monday, June 25, 2012

the small things

It's what life is all about.

It's the wonder of watching cows, even though you see the same exact ones every time you visit Papa and Gamma's house.

Even better if your aunt watches them with you.

It's putting some mileage on your new kick-ass shoes, courtesy of Aunt Fe.

It's pushing your own child on the same tire swing you swung on all those years ago.

It's laughs in the water.

It's the new-found love of jumping off the pool's edge into Daddy's waiting arms.

It's aunts who appreciate any excuse to put on a swimsuit and soak up some rays.

It's all the small moments that add up to the big picture.
Life goes by way too fast. It's important to make those tiny pieces of time matter.
Do something fun.
Try something new.
Make time for the little stuff.

This summer I heard of something called The Happy Family Movement. The whole idea is to take whatever time you have to do something fun with your kids, your family. To make memories, whether it's something big or something that takes 5 minutes. I saw a post by a fellow blogger and friend (click here) and decided it was a good idea. It's a "bucket list" of sorts. You just jot down things you want to do with your kids and then make the time to do them. The idea is that when your kids get older, they can help come up with fun things they want to do too. It's definitely nothing fancy, just a visual reminder to not waste that extra 30 minutes watching another episode of House Hunters. {Because, as we all just heard, it's fake anyway!}

So here is our 2012 Summer Bucket List. And even though Jared quietly rolled his eyes while I made it, I am excited to have a little list of fun things to do with the girls.

And I'm going to try my best to accomplish the things on our list.

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