Monday, June 4, 2012


This past weekend was the long awaited Michael Bolton concert.
Or  M-Bolt as he was referred to by some slightly tipsy sisters of mine.

You might be wondering why on Earth we would attend a Michael Bolton concert, especially since he no longer has that shining mane of hair. If so, please refer to my previous post about the 1st Annual Random/Slightly-Awkward Ellis Girls Concert Event HERE.

The concert was outdoors at the Stir Concert Cove in Council Bluffs. We arrived plenty early due to Fe's pestering and set up our camp chairs. Beans and Justy left to go have a few drinks in the car (because that is what you do when drinks are at least $6 a piece) while the rest of us sat back and reserved our spots.

We were about 7 or 8 rows back from the front.

When M-Bolt appeared on stage and sang his opening number we were standing and singing along like all the people in front of us. We take our seats after the song is over and the lady behind us sticks her head in between two of us and in her best principal-sounding voice says, "You can't stand like that for any more of the concert. You have to be sitting because we don't want to stand."

Ummm...pump your brakes, girl.
Who died and made you my elementary school bus driver, telling me when I have to remain seated???

None of us said a word.
Oh wait, scratch that. None of us except Catrina, who very loudly said in disgust:   
OLD PEOPLE! ughhh...

Except she wasn't old, or at least not that old. We continued to do whatever we pleased. Because seriously, if you are going to be a fun-hater, shouldn't you at least sit toward the back and not in the first few rows?!

Regardless of the fuddy-duds in the row behind us, we still had a good time.
Especially these two:

They were up in front of the stage jumping around like they were in a mosh pit - during a Frank Sinatra cover of all songs. My mom, Fe, and I had quite a few laughs at their expense. But at least they were having fun. Apparently Michael appreciated their enthusiasm also.
According to Beaner: He made eye contact FIVE TIMES and he laughed at us!
Now the laughing part I definitely can believe...

For the final set we convinced my mom to stand in front of the stage with us. We had good timing because M-Bolt came out and walked into the crowd and sang a song. And because Justy probably shoved some die-hard 50 year old fan out of the way, we were right up front.

We were literally this close. I took this photo with no zoom.  And then all four of us weirdos reached out and touched his hand.

And Beaner, under the influence of a few beers and two many hot spotlights yelled,
"Michael, you're a sexy beast!"

Yeah. It was that classy.

Fe's only comment was, "He had really soft hands!"

Meanwhile my mom was two rows back and laughing so hard she had tears in her eyes.

We waited all night to hear our song, and he finally sang it.  Steel Bars.

Our night was complete.

Can't wait for another random concert next year!

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  1. This was hilarious! I'm glad you guys had a great time! By the way, M-Bolt IS a sexy beast lol.


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