Wednesday, August 15, 2012

24 weeks

On Tuesday this week I had an OB appointment. I am now 24 weeks along.
It was nothing exciting - just the usual:
weight (total gained of 20 lbs, although none gained in the past 6 weeks...clearly I put it on early!)
measurements (right on track)
and baby's heart rate (142)

Then a quick reference to my blood sugars:
Doc: How have your sugars been?
Me: They have been great.
Doc: Good.
[End of discussion.]
Seriously, he could at least feign some interest. He is my doctor after all! Isn't he at least supposed to pretend to care?? I feel bad for a first-time pregnant diabetic mom using this office...
{This isn't the first time I have said a silent prayer of thanks that I had my first two kids in Omaha with outstanding prenatal care and an amazing endocrinology team.}

The visits are usually pretty short. And honestly, my OB isn't my favorite doctor ever. My first impression wasn't great, but being high-risk severely limits my options. This isn't Omaha and I am kind of stuck with who I have.

And speaking of first impressions...

He is looking over my labs and remarking about how well I am doing and says to me out of the blue:
"I have to be honest, when you walked in here for your first visit and I looked over your history, I thought to myself, 'Wow, another non-compliant patient. She is going to be a total train wreck.' But you aren't. You could probably be teaching my other patients how this is done. I guess I have to admit I was wrong."
First of all, who even says that?!
And second of all, I truly can't believe he even thought that.

I work in health care. We all make snap judgments on patients from the first moment we see them, especially if you've read a particularly juicy H&P.  But really??? What exactly made me seem like I would be a "train wreck"?

I showed up the week before for a patient "interview" where I gave them my complete health history. I even had all my previous prenatal records and labs faxed to the office beforehand (which clearly he didn't look at). I arrived early, with Jared in tow, for my first appointment. And compared to the collection of visible Pooh tattoos and stained sweatpants-turned-cut-off-shorts I saw in the waiting room, I would say I was dressed very nicely. When I met my doctor, we chatted about how both Jared and I are nurses and how we previously worked at the Med Center, where he completed his residency. My labs have always been in the excellent range during both pregnancies, just as they are now.

I literally laughed when he said this to me. Anyone who knows me knows that I am far from non-compliant and probably a tad more on the overzealous side. 
When I told my mom about it, she replied, "Did you tell him that your first impression was that he was an ass? Because one of you was right."   Yep. Kinda true...

Oh well.  Only 15 weeks left.


  1. seriously...I don't know where these ppl come from and what is suddenly removed from their brain to to think "Oh, I can say whatever I want and its okay because well...I'm being honest." Keep your "honesty" to yourself you ridiculous bastard! I am so fed up with ignorant ppl!!! I would say you handled yourself VERY well but uh, later when you think about it you just want to tell him exactly what your mom said and then some!

  2. I love your mom's comment - one of you was right. Classic! I assumed you'd be a train wreck is some of the best bedside manner I've ever heard!

  3. Where did you end up going? Fort Dodge?? Honestly if I ever decide to have a baby I probably will be bombarding you with all sorts of questions because it scares me so much (with the dia-beats and all)


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