Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I have become a reading addict.

Well, actually I have always been one. I am the family bookworm. There are home videos of my younger sisters running around, Justy probably playing with a fluffy kitten or something, and me engrossed in a book. And I had glasses. I know. Total Geek Alert.
For the most part I prefer reading to watching a movie or TV. (With the exception of watching my main man Jim Caviezel kick some ass on Person of Interest. Seriously love that show.)

Currently I have been completed absorbed into the Outlander series.
I got the recommendation off a baby website of all places. Someone was asking for great book recommendations and after about eight different people suggested this book, I decided I should probably check it out. So I logged on to my faithful website www.goodreads.com (love this place!) and looked up the deets. I decided to check out the first book and see what I thought.

I headed down to the local library. I figured seeing as the book was published in 1991... there probably wasn't going to be much of a wait list... The librarian led me immediately to the correct aisle - singing the book's praises along the way - and I was set. Unfortunately I read another book ahead of this one that a few other online readers said they loved. Yeah... not so much. {Sorry John Irving, but I just couldn't bring myself to give a crap about Owen Meany and the prayers being said for his scrawny butt. But I hate being a quitter, so I suffered through that dreadful, long, drawn-out book for over a month. Bleh.}

So now I am on Book 3 of 7 (soon to be 8) and they are like crack. Don't get me wrong - I am not saying these are Nobel Prize winning pieces of literature. But damn are they entertaining. At least for the female audience. Obviously it's a good book if it's got me thinking kilts and red hair are sexy. {No offense intended to all you ginges out there.}

I love reading. Books take you to a different place and let you be a different person, in a different life for a while. It's escapism at its finest.
I find myself hoping for a slow day at work so I can squeeze in a few pages. Or I am dead tired at night once Jared leaves for work, but somehow I still end up in bed reading until midnight. Oops!
So seeing as it's rapidly approaching 11 pm, I should probably go get at least a couple pages in...  ;)


  1. You have me excited! I need a new obsession...I will start this weekend. :)

  2. Well damn, now I'll have to read these!!! I'm the same way. When J's eating or napping or basically any free second I can find that either Jocelyn or Justin isn't trying to consume, I'm wanting to read lately. Something in the water? idk, but I like it! And like you said, its a wonderfully welcomed "escapism."

    Several years ago I read a triology and really loved them. They were different for me and the 1st one was actually kind of slow and I thought "OMG!" I'm glad I persisted forward and read the remaining 2 though. That might have something to do with I didn't just buy the 1st one...I had to buy all 3 at the exact damn time!!! What is wrong with me?? hahaha

    But if your looking for a differen type of read they are called "City of Bones, City of Ashes and City of Glass." I wish they'd make it into a movie but I'm almost positive they'd eff it up! :D


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