Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Move complete

We're done. After a couple trailer loads of crap and another trip down to our old house, everything is under one roof.

Thank God for my family that helped us move. Again. 

My parents, along with Catrina, Justy, and my (always-helpful) cousin Matt helped us haul everything over to the house all day Sunday.
Hands-down the best attribute of my family is that they are willing to work for food {and maybe a case of beer once the work is done}.
We are a pretty low-key group. No one was getting bossy about how to load up the furniture or getting whiny about all the work there was to do. We took frequent breaks to sit and eat  - because that is what we do best. There were very few casualities; just a cracked vase and a shattered casserole dish. All in all, not bad.

I spent a good 5 hours yesterday working on the kitchen - by myself - with both Bailey and Avery plastered in front of the TV watching Barney, Sesame Street, Arthur, Clifford and whatever else PBS had to offer. {Don't hate. DVR is made for days like these!}

It was overwhelming. I had to move box after box to even be able to move about the house normally, so eventually boxes made their way to the correct room - even if I just left them there. I shouldn't be surprised, but man, do we have a lot of cooking stuff... Our new kitchen is by no means small, but there is no way everything is going to fit. So as you can imagine, our basement is full of things I didn't feel like dealing with at that exact moment. And probably not even within the next month.

But today, my wonderful mama came to help out. We worked solid from 11 - 6:30 with only a small ten minute break to feed the girls some lunch. It's amazing how much more motivated I was with someone there forcing me to pick a project to work on. It's almost like my brain couldn't decide where to start because there was just  so much

We were able to finish off quite a few rooms: the main bathroom, the spare bedroom, the girls' room, the nursery (Avery's room for the next few months), and the breezeway/den room. My mom was even a champ and attacked the garage. {We actually have walking room now! Imagine!} Boxes were everywhere and it didn't help much that Jared returned from a massive trip to Walmart with even more things for us to unpack and organize. But slowly, and with some last minute help from Justy, we started crossing things off the long to-do list. It feels so much better to quickly locate your toothpaste and know that you won't stub your toe trying to climb through your closet for some underwear at night.

Overall I just feel very happy.

Even in the clutter of the mid-move, I feel content.
I am excited for normal.
For days when I can sit out on the shaded patio and watch the girls play together in the backyard. For nights when both Jared and I can just relax and not worry about the next task of hanging curtains or installing new doorknobs. But despite those feelings of I-really-should-be-doing-[insert task]-right-this-second that plague me, I am already enjoying our new space and looking forward to all the days ahead.
Life is good.


  1. PICTURES PLEASE!!! :) I want to see your new life! Miss you Dear, give the belly a rub for me!

    1. Our new life is a little bit of a mess right now, but once our house looks Better Homes & Gardens perfect (hahaha), I will post some pics. :)


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