Tuesday, August 28, 2012

House Progress

Over the past few days Jared and I have been working steadily to add some more personal touches to our home - aka hang a picture or two. Gradually the storage closet under the stairs has been cleaned out of wall art and family photos. Boxes of decorations have been slowly unpacked, aided by our two overly-eager little helpers.  It's not all up yet. It takes time to decide where you want to hang everything. And while we haven't even touched the upstairs yet, we have made some progress on our main floor.

And I had to include some candids from our impromptu photo shoot.
Bailey struck a pose on the steps for my camera while Avery took advantage of my distraction to explore her favorite location in the house: the storage container cupboard.


That's all for now.
I hope to take more pictures as things keep getting accomplished - maybe include some before and after shots so everyone can truly appreciate the work Jared went to to paint over all the maroon and neon pink and royal blue colors in the house.
But for now we are still a work in progress....


  1. I LOVE your home, the colors, design of the house and how you already have things...just beautiful!!!

    We STILL havent hung pictures! Idk wth is our problem hahaha THAT is what makes a home special. It would help if Justin was home more but if he doesn't help decide well then, I'll just do it myself hahaha

    PS - the photo impromptu is the icing on the cake. Your girls are the sweetest!

  2. I love that clock!


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