Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter's on its way

This past Saturday we attended Easter Fest, which was essentially a fundraiser to build a playground in a neighboring town. We went for breakfast, where Avery got our money's worth in pancakes, and then played games with the girls.

While we were eating breakfast, the Easter Bunny was making the rounds.
We have never taken their pictures with the Easter Bunny before. Or even with Santa
{I know, I know. I am totally dropping the ball in that department...}

Avery looks like she might be enjoying herself.
Trust me, she is not.
This is the picture pre-freak-out. I believe she is actually taking in a breath to let out a huge wail. But at least she appears to be happy, right?!

Bailey didn't cry, but when I wanted her to sit next to Mr. Easter Bunny, she gave me a look that got her point across: "Who in the hell are you kidding?"
So we settled for her sitting in a neighboring chair.
Good enough.
Graham was an angel the entire time.
He hung out in his carrier and smiled at all the strangers.
Eventually he took a little catnap while his sisters played games.
He officially became the candy collector.

We didn't hang around for the Easter egg hunt as there was a pretty big gap of time in between the games and the hunt.
Hopefully we can take them to one this upcoming weekend.
Bailey now understands that candy is the name of the game and hopefully will do a little better than last year's haul.


  1. Then Avery got to enjoy her chips, right? :)

  2. Hell, a big ass white rabbit would scary me too!! haha And uhm, once graham is older, they DEFINITELY won't be delegating any "candy holding" to him haha


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