Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Laugh of the Day

I randomly stumbled across a new blog called Baby Sideburns through a Facebook friend.
I clicked on the following article and was literally laughing out loud.
Jared had to tell me to knock it off because I was annoying him.

And it is mainly funny because it is just So True!
Parents out there, I dare you to read it and disagree.
My favorite was #5. Bailey always catches me in the act.  How does she know?! 
And Jared is definitely more than guilty of #8, especially when it is Book #7,246 of the night.
Oh, and #3? Change "dressing" to "feeding" and you have breakfast with Bailey. And lunch. And supper...

Be forewarned, the author does like her swear words. But then again, who doesn't?
The medical profession is full of foul-mouthed people - and I am talking about us nurses, not the patients. {Although I had my fair share of cuss-outs working at my first job on 5 West.}
And don't take it too seriously.
Of course I love my kids, but certain aspects of mamahood aren't all that magical, and I find it quite hilarious to read that someone else is having the same thoughts I have on occasion.
Hope you have a good laugh too!


  1. Umm that blog that girl wrote was hilarious and I dont even have kids!

    1. You have been around my kids long enough to fully appreciate them also. :)


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