Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weight loss mission: one month later

Yesterday marked four weeks of exercise and less junk food. It has gone by quickly, and honestly, it hasn't been that hard to incorporate exercise into my daily life.
Some days I only get 30 minutes of time to myself, so it can be hard to use that time to work out, especially knowing I probably won't get to do something else I would like to do. {ie: the reason why I am blogging at 10 PM when I should probably be in bed...} But I always feel better after I exercise, so it is worth doing.

Jared really helped me out by downloading different videos and finding a small set of weights for us to use. Shortly after I started, he started along with me, and it is nice to have someone else to hold me accountable to get a workout in. In the first three weeks, I only missed two days. Every day I worked out for at least 20 minutes. This past week has been a bit spotty. With a two-day trip to Omaha and the next day filled with extremely whiny children, I missed some days in there.

Results wise?
I don't feel they are all that impressive. As far as the scale goes, I am down 3 pounds - that is most days. Just this morning the scale said I was back to my original weight, so who knows? (Does everyone else's weight fluctuate this much??)

I am wishing I had measured myself before I started. Even though the scale isn't showing much in the way of progress, I feel like my jeans fit a little bit better - meaning I can button them without feeling like all of my internal organs are in a denim choke hold.

I cut out most of the junk (okay, except for this past week...oops) and literally eat a boring bowl of Special K for breakfast every morning. You would think cutting out the crap, along with the supposed 500+ cals a day burned by breastfeeding, that I would be getting further ahead...

But even if I haven't lost much weight, the exercise is good for me. I haven't worked out this much since college, so I have to be gaining some muscle. Right? And I know I have gotten stronger. When I first started, I did 15 lunges the first day and thought I was going to die. Now on the main video I do, 15 lunges is basically a warm-up. When I first started, two push-ups was about my max, and now... well, I am still not amazing at them, but I can do more than two at least!

I also face a challenge in this whole thing that most people don't have to deal with: my diabetes. I have Type 1 - requiring an insulin pump - not the other kind. If you are confused on the difference, please inform yourself by reading my public service announcement on the subject HERE.

The worst part about starting an exercise program when you are diabetic is that you don't know exactly what it will do to your blood sugars. I figured I would need less insulin, and I was right. Almost immediately my sugars dropped. And they dropped all across the board. This is a good thing because it means my body is requiring less insulin. The bad part is that I have to eat or drink something with carbs to bring my level back up. So basically it is like working out and burning all those calories just to consume them right back.
It's frustrating.
It took about a week of adjusting numbers and extra checks to get things regulated again. Right now I think I am in a good place. My body is used to the workouts so I don't drop low nearly as often.

Anyway, I am only a month into it.
I know I have a long way to go.
I have another challenge coming up too: I am having knee surgery this Thursday.

It's nothing huge, just a torn meniscus in my left knee. Apparently I have had it since a few months after Avery was born (and she turns 2 in a month or so). It hadn't really been bothering me until I started working out for a week or so and then I began to notice it. So it will be repaired this week. I am not sure what kind of exercise I will be allowed to do and how soon, but I will try and make do with some weights and upper body exercises in the meantime. And while I am keeping with the exercise, I also need to try and curb my desire for a 6-pack of Cadbury creme eggs. And those delicious Reese's peanut butter eggs...
Oh how I love Easter!


  1. yes my weight does the same thing. i eat good for 3 days, i lose 5 lbs, eat bad one day and gain it all back. they say to weigh yourself only once a week. to avoid this. also, try not to let the scale be your guide, like you said you are building muscle and toning up! Congrats it is a good feeling to be exercising even in you don't lose a ton of weight there are lots of benefits to it.

    1. Thanks. :) I know I shouldn't weigh myself as often as I do, but it's so tempting! Glad to hear the same thing happens to someone else. Hopefully once the weather warms up I can be even more active and get out of the house with the kids more often.

  2. I am proud of you for keeping with it! I know you have to be gaining muscle, which is probably why the scale isn't changing much. Oh, also if you need help avoiding those cadbury creme eggs and reese's peanut butter eggs you can just give them to me, I'd be glad to help a sista out. :)

    1. Thanks Justy. I knew I could count on your selfless generosity!

    2. Please help Justy out and give her ALL of your candy! I am proud of you though, Ness :)

  3. I read somewhere that people who workout for health tend to stick with it better than those whose only goal is weight loss, so remember: requiring less insulin, keeping your heart healthy, and strong muscles so you don't get osteoporosis and crumble next time someone high-fives you :)

    1. All very valid points, my practical medical-minded friend. :) Although, osteoporosis doesn't stand a chance against me and my out-of-control milk drinking habit.

  4. Fantastic hun!! Yep, I'm right there with you about the fluctuating weight thing. I'm all like "geez, do I have CHF or what?!!" haha

    I can go up or down by 5lbs each day. One morning I'll weigh great and then the next, with nothing new happening (ie no extra eating, salt, etc) and bam! I'm up! Maybe I'm just full of shit that day?? haha

    And I love those non-scale victories of being able to do more, not being so sluggish, clothes fitting better -- sometimes that's better than the scale moving :) Unless you've dropped a whole bra cup size, then its annoying! :P


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