Monday, March 4, 2013

One Week

It's been one week since I have started my quest to lose the baby weight.

And I must say, I have stuck with it.
      every day.
Each day I have done something workout-wise. Most days it is around 30 minutes. One day I only got in 15, another day I did 50.

I get bored pretty easily, as I think most people do, so I have been switching it up. I started off with random workout videos I found for free on YouTube. Then after a few days Jared downloaded some videos to burn to DVD - lots of the Biggest Loser series and Zumba.

I like most of them.
The Biggest Loser series has titles like "Body Boot Camp" and "Cardio Max" - which sound pretty intimidating. But most of the ones we have done are for beginners. That being said, they still kick my ass. Nothing makes you feel more pathetic than seeing the 300+ pound people on the screen jumping and kicking and squatting away while you feel like you are going to die. So while they weigh much more than me, they clearly are in way better shape.

I like to do the Zumba videos for 20-30 minutes and then do something else. Zumba gets your heart rate up and definitely tires you out, but I like the feel of working different muscle groups that the Biggest Loser series gives me.

And sometimes I just make a point to turn on some music and dance around with the girls. Who needs 3-lb weights when you can just pick up your hefty toddler and dance around the living room?

My eating hasn't changed, except that I try and be conscious of my snacking.
I am such a snacker!
I think breastfeeding makes it worse too. Some days I am just starving all day long.

The scale also hasn't changed. But I also wasn't expecting it to. Right now I am just proud that I have made an effort to get up and moving every day. I am, however, hoping to be positively surprised one of these days.

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