Monday, May 13, 2013

my creative hubby

It's no secret that Jared loves a good project. He also loves to stay busy.
{Blame the ADHD...}

His first project was a kids' picnic table.
It turned out really awesome and the girls love it. It's even more special because Daddy made it for them.

He liked building the table so much, he got the idea to start making more things, but on a cheaper scale.
So recently he has started creating new items using old stuff, like windows and wood.
It helps that my dad is an avid "collector."
{My mom, sisters, and I might agree that the term "hoarder" is more appropriate.}
Around the farm Jared has found old items to reuse, like wood from old pallets and windows without glass.

This last one might be my favorite.
It's relatively simple for Jared to make and can be used a bunch of different ways.
Plus it's cute.

He recently started his own Etsy shop with the items he has made thus far. He likes making all these things, and selling a few would fund his hobby plus help him make a little money for his time. He actually just got his first order for one of these personalized welcome signs today.  :)

If you would like to check out his shop, follow this link:
BrandNewToMe on Etsy
Or if you are in our area (NW Iowa), let us know and he would be very excited to make you something!

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