Thursday, June 6, 2013

A tiny trim with tears

If you know me, you know I have been obsessed with Graham's hair.
It is unruly, slightly curly, and just plain crazy.
But it has also been getting pretty long. Like almost two inches down his back long. Seriously, no exaggeration.

Jared made the impromptu decision that today was the day:
haircut time.

Now, if he had wanted to deal with rational Vanessa, he should have gone about things a different way. Like talk to me the day before, discuss the benefits, give me some time to prepare...
Instead, he got over-the-top emotional mommy Vanessa.

I freaked at the mention of it. And I freaked some more when Jared entered the room with scissors.
He meant business.

I realized, somewhere in the rational part of my brain, that Graham would look a little more presentable with just a tiny little trim. Just around the ears.
So we prepared for the big cut.

I am not ashamed (okay, maybe just a tad bit ashamed) to say that I cried.
Yes, I cried over my son's first haircut.
I cried because I am not ready for my baby to be needing a haircut - meaning I am not ready for my baby to be BIG enough to actually need a haircut. Because that means he is growing up, and I sort of want to just freeze him in this stage.
It makes me sad to think that he will soon no longer want to cuddle with me and nurse before bed. Before I know it he will be running behind his sisters, singing "Twinkle Twinkle"  softly to himself at bedtime, and insisting "Me do!" every chance he gets.
I want to savor these days now - just as they are- and pretend they are going to last and last.
Because I know they won't.

So, before I weep myself into another puddle: the pictures.


I know he looks cute with it cut {and so grown up!}, but I am going to miss his crazy hair.
My baby looks a little less like a baby now.

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