Friday, June 28, 2013

sunny days

Yesterday's weather was perfect: not too hot, not too cool, and NOT RAINY. Yippee!
Don't get me wrong, I like rainstorms. A lot. But not being able to shoo the kids into the backyard whenever necessary was really cramping my style.

Graham started truly crawling this past weekend.
In one day he went from moving approximately one foot in a backward direction only to crawling about the entire house.
When we would go outside before, I would put him on a big blanket in the grass and he stayed put.
That is no longer the case. This guy is on the move!

Yesterday was the first time that he felt grass, like really felt it.
And he loved it.
He just laid there in the shade running his fingers through the blades of grass over and over.
It was so sweet.
As an adult you forget that all the little everyday things in life were once a new, cool discovery.
About twenty minutes later he emerged from his relaxation coma and realized he could move around.
Leaves were tasted and dirt was consumed.
 Just a boy and his puppy, watching the world go by.
The girls were outside too, fighting over who got to swing first.

This is what I get when I ask Bailey to "give me your good smile."
Umm... good effort?

Avery might wait her turn, but she is going to let you know she isn't all that happy about it.
All the dirt was washed off come bath time, and the girls donned their new shirts - advertising their Aunt Justy's massage therapy business. 
If you ask Bailey, it is a "dress." 
And she is basically right. They are a bit on the big side.
But I think it's cute.
It reminds me of all the oversized t-shirts I preferred to sleep in as a kid {although I did make an exception for a sweet Ariel nightgown}. 
The girls love their new "dresses." Thanks Aunt Justy!
And while I am mentioning it, check out my sister's business Total BodyWorks if you are in our area and want an awesome massage at a great price.
She is seriously the best!

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  1. Those "dresses" are so cute! :) And I agree, everyone get a massage from Justina Ellis!


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