Monday, July 22, 2013

BLT dip

Summer basically equals BLTs in my book.
Or just bacon.
I kinda have a love affair with bacon. It should really be its own food group.
I made this dip for the first time for a last minute 4th of July get together at our house. It takes all of about 5 minutes to make, which makes me love it even more. Plus it is delicious!
BLT Dip:
2 cups (16 oz) sour cream
2 cups mayonnaise
3 green onions
4 - 6 tomatoes  (drained of the seeds and extra liquid - too runny if you don't)
2 lbs bacon (cooked and then crumbled)
      {I used real bacon bits that I heated on the stove to make them extra crunchy)
Mix it all together, saving some onions, bacon, and tomatoes for garnish if you wish.
We served it with crackers, but we have dipped all kinds of veggies in it too.
Anything works as a vessel to get the bacon-y goodness into your mouth!

Here is my proud mixer/helper for the day.
She can sure stir with the best of them!
We took the dip out to the cabin at the lake where my family is congregating for the week. We're all big snackers out there, so it won't last long.


  1. Bailey seriously is the PRETTIEST!!

    This sounds super tasty! I'm a bacon lover for sure! 2lbs of bacon huh -- so how many jars of the bits did you use?

  2. We buy big bags of bacon bits from Costco and just keep it in the freezer and use it from time to time. I would say I used around 3/4 cup...maybe. It's definitely an eye-ball it kind of recipe. :)


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