Monday, July 29, 2013

our week at the lake

Or as the Avery called it: "Let's go to camping!"

My grandparents rent a cabin at the local lake every year, and every year we all schlep all our stuff out there and just hang out for a week.
We have added a few family members in the last few years, but conveniently some of us grandkids live locally now. (Which means no one is forced to sleep on the horrendously uncomfortable P.O.S. couch/futon they count as a sleeping space for two.)

We drove out every day, loading up the car with kids, a puppy, a big jug of drinking water that didn't taste like a lake, semi-clean swimsuits, and extra homemade snacks.

We keep it casual out there. Everybody just basically rolls out of bed and shows up. Wind-whipped hair and the scent of sunscreen abound. As do snacks. And chips. And more snacks.

Sunny afternoons spent on the boat are the best.

I don't know what it is about boating, but it has always put my babies fast asleep  - even on windy days when the water is choppy. It seems they are lulled to sleep almost instantly.

Tubing however, is quite the opposite of relaxing.

There were plenty of things to keep us all busy. And for the kids, that thing was the playground right outside the cabin.

Sights from the week:

motorcycle rides (for the adults, not the toddlers -no matter how much they begged)

hanging out with family
boat driving lessons


afternoon naps

food - homemade ice cream specifically
The 2nd Annual White Trash Golf Outing
{Don't ask...}
A wonderful night out without children
- one that will surely be remembered even when we are all old and grey

and last but not least - 
dirty, filthy children
{I think Avery is high on Oreos...}

It was a fun week, but I am glad it's over.
Children who don't get naps aren't happy people.
And crabby children make for cranky parents.
We have spent the last few days recuperating and being lazy.
And it feels good to have absolutely zero plans.


  1. So fun and yet exhausting!! Love the pics! Ur kids are a hoot bc u and Jared are!!


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