Sunday, July 28, 2013

mini photo shoot

We haven't ever gotten professional photos of our kids, at least not the typical newborn-3months-6months-etc-etc stuff. 

And the one time we tried family pictures we got all of ZERO pictures that I actually liked. So we haven't wasted any more hard earned money on pictures that feature our children looking like grumpy serial killers.
{I do hope to change that this fall. My plan includes bringing along a family member to jump around like a crazy person behind the photographer and a box of fruit snacks for bribery.}

So this past week Jared grabbed the good camera, I dusted off the curling iron, and we dressed Graham in a cute pair of overalls that Jared wore when he himself was just a wee babe.

We only had about 10 minutes of photo time since a blow-out of green diarrhea ensued, but we got at least one keeper.

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  1. ok sooooo, I love the pictures.
    They are PERFECT.
    But the everything you wrote? Totally made me laugh!


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