Tuesday, July 2, 2013


A big thanks to the Today Show. If it wasn't for you, I might never have had a name for my disorder:
Bitchy Resting Face.

The video clearly describes my cross to bear as someone suffering from BRF. I can look bitchy no matter what I am doing: reading the paper, watching tv, mowing the lawn, doing the dishes... {Although those last few might deserve a little BRF action.}

No, I am not upset.
I'm not angry at anyone.
Stop asking if something is wrong.
I just have Bitchy Resting Face, okay?!

After showing the BRF video to Jared, he suggested I make a video of BRF's cousins - my specialties: slow bitch blink and slow bitch breath.
And then I promptly did both in response. Unintentionally I swear!

Hmmm... maybe I actually suffer from BPS. Bitchy Person Syndrome....
I kid... I kid...

I swear I am a nice enough person.
(Because high school doesn't count.)

So if you come across me walking down the street or in the supermarket line, I am not a bitch.
It's just my BRF.
Unless you are in front of me paying with four different credit cards after spending 10 minutes arguing over a coupon for a can of beans - then this bitchy look is definitely a special one just for you.


  1. hahaha this WHOLE thing made me laugh!!! hahaha love it! I know a few people like this and even though they are my FRIENDS, I am still like daaaaamn, you look so bitchy!!! hahaha


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