Monday, August 5, 2013

good for the soul

Yesterday I was driving down the highway, and I had one of those moments. The sun was shining, a great song came on the radio, and I got that feeling of complete unencumbered happiness. That feeling that makes you feel devoid of obligations and take a second to notice just how great your life really is. And just for a few moments, you feel free - even if there are three small children in the backseat. But this time, rather than fighting or whining for a dropped sippy cup, they were actually singing along. Happy. And believe me, with toddlers and a baby, you have to cling to these sweet moments.

We had a good weekend filled with lots of small little moments that added together to make it special.

Friday was a lazy day. We had nowhere to be, and Jared and I actually got to spend time together - just us. We put the kids to bed and had a conversation. An uninterrupted adult conversation. That lasted longer than two minutes. Sadly, it seemed like a real treat.

Saturday was Sweet Corn Daze in our town. Usually by this point in the summer, I am so tired of eating it that I turn down every offer from my dad. However, this year it has been significantly delayed. I hadn't had any until this weekend. And the girls LOVE it, especially Avery. (This should be no surprise.)

Bailey rode with her Aunt Justy in the parade. She was so stinkin' excited about it. You could just tell she was so happy to be riding in the car's rumble seat and throwing candy to all the people. I don't think she ever stopped waving.

Avery was dressed in a jumper. How is it that I have a three year old now and neither of my girls have ever worn a cute summer jumper like this? It wasn't so convenient for diaper changes, but that cuteness outweighed the annoyance this time.

There were events throughout the day. The main highlight for my children was the "jumpies" - aka the inflatables. For five bucks, you have unlimited jumping and some tired out kids come nap time. Money well spent.

My sisters Catrina and Justy came over later that night and we did each others' hair and picked out clothes. Later we headed up to a street dance held outside a local bar.

Saturday evening our babysitter showed up, and we were free of children for a few hours.
Seriously, just a few hours of childless fun
shows an immediate positive change in my life outlook some days.
It feels amazing to act like a crazy college student again. No thoughts of scattered toys or diapers or fighting over which bedtime song gets sung first. Just a night of fun ahead.

The street dance also served as my 10-year class reunion. It was very informal, which worked out great. A band was playing and the drinks were flowing. Out of a class of 40-something, about half showed up. There were very few awkward moments and it was good to share laughs with some of the people that were my friends from way back. Like fighting over toys at preschool as 4 year-olds far back.

I love these people.
We never see each other enough.
And we can all be flaky bitches, but they are my flaky bitches.

My Saturday was fun and I paid for it Sunday morning as Graham woke me up after three hours of sleep. I groggily warmed up a bottle and he ate a whole 2 ounces before realizing he wasn't drinking straight from the tap. Crying ensued, but seeing as I didn't want a drunk 8 month-old, he had to tough it out with the bottle.

The rest of the day was spent out at my parent's farm. After a nice lunch with my grandma Connie and grandpa Lyle, we spent the afternoon out in the sunshine watching Bailey learn hopscotch while Avery threw and kicked every ball she could find.
It made me happy to see my dad and his little sidekick Bailey go about feeding cattle and "fixing" things. I liked seeing my grandparents enjoy little moments of my kids singing songs and giving hugs. It felt good to just not care that all three kids were filthy and naps were missed.
It all just felt good.
Summer will be coming to a close oh-so-very soon, and I want to squeeze in some final carefree moments before it is gone for good.

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