Sunday, August 11, 2013

Surgery #3 and After

First of all, I want to say thank you to all the people who said prayers and kept us in their thoughts these past few days. Surgery - especially on your child - is unnerving and it helped to know there were so many people thinking of us.

We spent Thursday afternoon hanging out at our hotel in Council Bluffs. Jared gets a very nice state rate, which makes it more affordable for us to get a nice place with a pool. My parents got a room too, and we hung out together, along with my sisters Fe and Beaner. We swam for a while and then ordered some pizzas. It was easy and carefree, and it was fun for the kids - which was our main goal. Graham actually fell asleep in his pack-n-play at 8 PM and slept all night long. The girls weren't as quiet; they tossed and turned all night. And man, do they talk in their sleep! It was far from a restful night for Jared and me, but it was better than the three hours or so we got the last time all five of us bunked in a hotel together.

Her surgery was at Boy's Town National Research Hospital in Omaha. This was our first time using this hospital. We used The Nebraska Medical Center before since we both worked there and it was closer to home for us. I am definitely glad to have used the Boy's Town facility this time.
It is just so perfect for kids.
The list of available Disney movies is a mile long and there is a well-equipped playroom in the unit with toys so cool even I wanted to play with them. The nurses and other staff were great and very accommodating, especially since we had an 8 month-old along with us.

Bailey's surgery was scheduled for 10:30 so we had to be at the hospital by 9 AM. Bailey asked for something to eat and drink a few times after waking up, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I feared. We told her the doctor wanted her to wait until after he saw her, and she accepted that and didn't ask much more. She freaked when it came to putting on the surgery jammies, but quickly chilled out when we pulled out the Ipad.

Dr. Miller, our plastic surgeon, came to see Bailey and discuss the plan one last time. Then a short while later the nurse came in to administer the oral Versed. Bailey got really funny after that. She asked odd questions and gave funny little grins. She also tipped over while sitting upright on her bed (but immediately got back into position to play with the Ipad.) Then at 11:15 the OR nurses came to take her back. The Versed worked wonders and she just sat and lazily let them take her away - as long as she had Bun-Bun of course.

The surgery itself took about an hour, and she was in recovery for about another 30 minutes.
It went great.
She came back to the room very groggy, as was to be expected. Daddy got in some cuddle time while she slowly woke up.

She was swollen and bruised. But even with all that, I could tell that her nose looked much better and the right side of her lip had that "peak" it didn't have before.
She slowly came around and when she did... it wasn't pretty. She was hysterical and inconsolable for a good 10 to 15 minutes until we got her calmed down enough to vocalize what Disney movie she would like us to turn on. Apparently Mulan did the trick. {Thanks girl.}
A dose of pain medication plus another 15 minutes and she was golden. It's like a switch flipped: all of the sudden she sat up in bed and asked two quick - but very important - questions:
Where is Papa? I need to see him.
When can I go home?
Girl loves her Papa. And her own bed.

We were released from the hospital a little before 5PM that same day. We should have been home at a decent hour... Unfortunately we spent over 2 hours going between Walgreens pharmacies trying to obtain just one pain medication. And this was after we had the nurse call it in hours before we left! It was frustrating to say the least. It's never good when your kids start AND finish a movie in the car while waiting in a parking lot. 
Not cool, Walgreens. Not cool.
Many extra miles and lots of muttered expletives later, we finally had what we needed.

Bailey slept through the night that first night, not waking even once for pain medication. In fact, she doesn't even seem to complain much of pain at all. Kids really are amazing. She lets us know when her nose is starting to hurt, but it just doesn't seem to bother her much. She has to sleep with the arm splints on at night to ensure she doesn't accidentally scratch or rub her face. We don't use them during the day because Bailey knows that if she touches her face, the splints go back on, and she is not volunteering for that.

The swelling has gone down a little bit, and the bruising didn't actually stick around like I thought it might. I think she looks really great for going through so much just two days ago! We head back to Omaha on Wednesday to have the stitches removed with Dr. Miller. We had some issues with scheduling, so he is coming in on his afternoon off to see her. {Have I said he is amazing??} The nasal stent in her right nostril (in place to help hold the correct shape) will come out sometime in the next three weeks or so.
She hates me taking her picture lately, especially since she knows her nose looks different. After I took this picture she said to me, "There. I am done. You are bossering to me."  ("Bossering" = being bossy in Bailey speak.)

I actually got a smile today when she was playing with her new Play-Doh ice cream set - a gift from Jared's thoughtful coworker, Janelle.
{Thanks Janelle! Love is not a strong enough word to describe how Bailey feels about this present.}

She is a little self-conscious about her nose and lip right now. She was shy in church today when someone asked if she fell and hit her face. (Really??!) But with my prompting, she piped up and said with pride, "I just had surgery!"

Tonight in bed, I gave her a kiss and said, "I love you, beautiful girl."
She replied back, "I am not beautiful right now, Mommy. My nose is not beautiful."
That about broke this mama's heart.
I told her that yes, she is beautiful.
She was beautiful before her surgery and she is beautiful now.
And she is such a brave girl, and being brave is so very beautiful too.

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  1. that last part made my eyes sting.

    bravery most DEFINITELY =s beautiful.

    She really does look fantastic and THANK THE LORD its been a good recovery. Yep, kids are incredibly amazing!!!


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