Thursday, August 8, 2013

Surgery Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning Bailey is scheduled to have her third cleft surgery.
It will be at Boy's Town in Omaha.
This surgery is more cosmetic in nature. She is having a nasal revision and lip revision - which in layman's terms basically means she is having a nose job and the right side of her lip worked on to resemble her "good" side.

I love her sweet little face just the way it is,

but I know that in the years to come, she is going to appreciate all these surgeries and all this pain and all this hassle. She is going to want to feel and look as "normal" as possible. I hope that this surgery brings positive results and makes her differences even more difficult to notice.

And while surgery has been scheduled for a good month or two, it is just now starting to hit me that our little lady is going to be operated on. Again. And although we have been through this a few times before, it is always a little scary. I do know that Bailey will do great. She is used to doctor's appointments, and she was awesome for her last ear tube surgery. She is my big, brave girl, and she will be just fine.

That being said, any and all prayers would be appreciated.
Both for Bailey herself and for the doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals caring for Bailey.

I would also appreciate any prayers for our sanity as we attempt another night in a hotel with three small children. With any luck we might get more than 3 hours of sleep this time!
Baby Benadryl is kosher, right?

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  1. I love B's face just the way it is -- It truly is PERFECT! Not sure they can make it any more perfect. And you're right, she will do phenomenal. Nerves are always frazzled though right?

    Love ya'll!!


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