Friday, April 11, 2014

G Man

Try and tell me this isn't just the cutest little face you have ever seen!
*I may be slightly biased.*

Graham is currently 16 months old. This developmental stage is amazing to me. 
In the past month he has changed so much. 

He now feeds himself independently - pretty well actually - with a spoon. And man, does this kid eat! Since he stopped nursing last month, he has an enormous appetite. I swear he has gained five pounds in a month!

He has somewhere in the range of 30-40 words: bite and milk and dog are his favorites.

His personality shows even more. This kid knows what he wants.

He still climbs on everything, but is better about getting down without making his mother fear he has a concussion. 

He knows when he is in trouble. Just last weekend he hit me because he was mad. After telling him no and making it clear that hitting is unacceptable, he hung his head and wouldn't make eye contact. About 15 seconds later he lunged at me for a hug and gave me one of his open-mouthed kisses. 
Clearly that was Graham for I'm sorry, something he picked up from seeing his sisters have to apologize after time-outs.

The way he plays sort of astonishes me. I am sure it is because he has two big sister examples to model it for him, but it is still cute to watch. It melted my heart to see him pick up a baby doll, go get a tiny blanket for it, wrap it up, and then make rocking motions while holding it tightly against his tiny chest.  Adorable. 

He is still a huge thumb sucker and I don't see that stopping any time soon.

I am excited for summer to see him experience more and more new things now that he is walking and running and exploring - not just putting every single thing he finds into his mouth (ie: dirt and bugs).

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