Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sisters' Night Out: Year 2

This past weekend my three sisters and I met up in Des Moines for a little mini shopping excursion, also known as our yearly Sisters' Weekend.

Justy and I carpooled.
And I now know way more of Eminem's discography than your average stay-at-home-mom.
We are clearly a couple of wannabe bad-asses.

We arrived a few hours before Fe and Beaner, and we ended up spending close to two hours in Sephora. I had never stepped foot in the place before and had a lot of different things I wanted to try out - lipsticks especially. I am never sure what actually looks good. And all three of my sisters are lipstick virgins, so they are no help. I think I tried on like ten or so, and by the end, I looked like a 12 year-old who had been using her hand for hours of kissing practice.

I ended up buying two: a pink shade 
and an orchid shade. (The color of the year, don't cha know?)
Lipstick is new for me, but I am liking it so far.

After our other two sisters arrived, we completed some more shopping. 
I found a pair of Toms that I really liked. But when I tried them on, they felt really tight. The salesman assured me that it was normal and guaranteed me they would stretch out and be very comfortable within an hour. So with that I wore them out of the store.
.....And wore my old shoes back in an hour and a half later, Toms boxed back up.
I am always told I have a high-instep, but damn those shoes were horribly uncomfortable on my feet!
I wasn't too torn up about it as I found a knock-off pair at Payless for $17.
They won't last nearly as long, but they also aren't causing me pain. 
So I am calling that one a win, despite the fact that I felt like a bit of a moron returning them the same day I bought them. 

After shopping we hit up a local sports bar, watching a basketball game and discussing topics inappropriate for a normal restaurant. Usually some movie quotes are thrown in and much harassment takes place. This time was no exception.

Honest to God, I hope we are all hanging out in our 80s and still cracking jokes about my bossiness, Fe's frugal tendencies, Beaner's anxiety, and Justy's indecisiveness.
I would really love that.
Childhood stories involving the green van without shocks and riding the bean bar will be more than welcome too.

Whenever we get together for stuff like this, we always attempt a group shot. 
And we very rarely get anything too great. 
Someone always has a double chin, weird hair, or crazy eyes. So these next two are as close to quality as we ever get.

late night Perkins run.... Clearly the glasses seemed like a good idea at the time.

**And some of the outtakes, which are probably entertaining only to us.**
the opposite side hair flip
someone looks stoned
Yep, there I go, messing up a potentially good one
it's getting a bit out of hand
I think we are done here.

So yeah, anyway...
Our hotel room was pretty nice. 
I had quite a few Mango-ritas, and they were surprisingly delicious. And potent.
Thankfully the pre-teens vacated the pool area in time for us to enjoy the hot tub in peace. (Aka: laugh obnoxiously, play explicit music, and drink banned alcoholic substances.)

One of the best parts of the whole trip might have been sitting in the hotel breakfast area drinking coffee and chatting about everything and nothing for the better part of two hours. 
Whenever we get together like this it always strikes me just how different we are and yet how freakishly the same we all are too. 
And thank God for that; someone needs to recite and/or recognize obscure Billy Madison quotes! 
....Miss Lippy's car is green....
Luckily for me I have three highly qualified sisters who meet that requirement and I am happy to do the same for them.
Love you, my fellow Ellis girls!  :)

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  1. I LOVE this!! One of the best weekends I have had in a long time. Love you, sisters!


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