Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Parents' night out

Jared and I escaped our normal routine this past Monday. With our children entrusted to Justy's care, we headed to a local casino/resort. (Although "resort" is really pushing it in my opinion.) We each signed up for a player's card at a concert a few months back and for doing so they rewarded us with a free night's stay in their hotel.
We weren't gonna turn that down!

We arrived, checked in, and went to eat dinner. After eating we went down to the casino.
Neither Jared or I are big gamblers. We are content to spend 20 or 30 bucks knowing it is purely entertainment, so we are happy if we break even. We also aren't the most educated gamblers either. We know the basics - blackjack rules and how to pull the slot machine lever.

Since it was a Monday night, the place was essentially deserted. No one was at the craps table so we walked up and asked if they would teach us how to play. They did and we had fun. An hour later we walked away with an extra $60 and some new gaming knowledge. 

We tried out some other machines and lost a combined twenty bucks. Then I tried out a penny slot. 
And lo and behold, I actually won a little bit more!
Not a huge amount of money, but a hundred bucks is big winnings for me. It's been years since I've won more than $10, which shouldn't be a shock since we gamble maybe once a year.

We got to stay up late, sleep in without being woken by needy little people, and eat a delicious breakfast I didn't have to cook. Plus we won money! 
A very successful night away.


  1. So fun Vanessa! Wow, a free hotel stay? I'm so jealous. I love staying at hotels haha. I love the clean bathrooms and freshly made beds (although I'm not a fan of the lumpy pillows). Bonus for having no kids, and extra bonus for your winnings! Trust me, I would have been going ballistic if I won $100. I never win anything like that and like you, am fine spending a max on gambling, whether I make winnings or not (usually not lol).

    1. I love staying at hotels too... something about it not being your own house.
      Jared worked at a Marriott during college and we took advantage of the $30/night employee perk for things like our bachelor/bachelorette weekend blow-out. :) It was unfortunate that we were in college working crappy jobs and had zero money because there were rooms in places like Hawaii that were discounted to under 50 bucks a night! Maybe I should be working at a hotel chain one day a week just for the employee discount?


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