Thursday, March 8, 2012

March Madness

It's been a busy couple of days for the Solko household.

But today I have some peace. Bailey is spending a few days at Papa's house. {Aka my mom and dad's house, but they are both "Papa" to Bailey right now.} It was amazing to wake up in the morning on my own - not to the sound of Bailey trying to tackle the baby gate to get out of her room. I had forgotten just how much easier life is with just one child. Avery and I have been spending time reading books and playing together - just the two of us. And I know Bailey is having a good time with Grammy Sherri watching Elmo's World and destroying her house instead of our's.

This week we had Bailey's yearly meeting with her cleft team at Boy's Town. It's really convenient. With just one copay, we see all the specialists that help Bailey with her cleft needs: pediatric dentist/orthodontist, plastic surgeon, ENT, speech pathologist, and audiology. But just because it is convenient doesn't mean it is necessarily easy or anywhere near pleasurable to take her there.  She is borderline skittish of doctors or health care workers in general. (You would be too if you had surgery twice before the age of 9 months.) By the time we had been there a few hours, she was completely over it. When her plastic surgeon Dr. Miller tried to just talk to her, she started hysterically crying.
Yep, that's our girl.

Other than that minor breakdown, she did okay. She is right on track. Her speech is where they expect it to be and we got pointers on how to help her say difficult words better. (But for right now we are completely content to let "frog" sound exactly like a certain 4-letter word...)  She is missing one tooth on her upper right where the cleft was. Our dentist told us most likely that she will be missing the adult one, too. We briefly discussed the future in terms of bone grafts and braces and dental implants, but for now I am just fine putting that out of my mind for the next 4 years or so. Her hearing tested normal and I am still not sure whether she has both tubes left in her ears or just one. And apparently neither was the ENT who is like 75 years old and confusing and didn't know what he was doing - just like every other time we have seen him. Is it any wonder we use a different ENT from the Med Center? 

[And just a side note: We like everyone on the cleft team, but I have ZERO respect for the ENT there. Any doctor that makes his assistant call a parent and tell them over the phone that their child could have brain damage {nevermind the fact that it was completely ridiculous and not even a possibility}, is not a professional in my mind. He also did some other inappropriate things, but I think the "brain damage" phone call story drives the point home. And believe me, it is all Jared can do to stay civil when we have to see this man for ten minutes once a year at cleft clinic.]

After the appointment we went to lunch with Fe. The following photo isn't the best piece of photography, but it is real evidence that Avery let someone else hold her for an extended period of time. A miracle.

After Bailey devoured her meal and Avery got a nice bite out of my bun and sampled a few fries, we got on the road to my parent's house. We headed back to the area because Jared had a job interview for a state nursing job. He felt like it went pretty well, but at least seven other people applied, so you never know. They said they would let him know in the next few days, so now it is just a waiting game. A lot is up in the air right now. If only our house would just sell...!

We got to spend a bit of time with my parents and sister Justy. My mom always hauls all the toys out for Bailey and she quickly explores all the toys we played with as kids. That night we ate at the Pizza Ranch {because Bailey and Avery requested it} with my Grandma Joyce and Grandpa Ronnie. Both of our kids love fried chicken - just like their Papa Jeff. :)

Aunt Justy & Bailey

The rest of the month is sure to fly by.

Next weekend Jared's dad, stepmom, and siblings will be coming to visit. Then the next weekend Justy graduates from massage therapy school and we will be having a party to celebrate. And who knows, we might even be packing a few boxes in there too...

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