Saturday, March 24, 2012

Justy passed! Justy passed! Party time! Excellent!

It's been busy.

We have officially begun to take over Justy's house. And I am pretty sure as the boxes made their way in, Justy's sanity started to make its way for the exit.  {Which she denies of course.}
Justy, you sweet girl, you.

It was a long day Friday. 

Jared spent his last day at work. I think it was more bittersweet than he thought it would be. Many of the residents have come to love him and wanted to give him cards and candy and hugs to let him know he will be missed. There was a nice food day, which - let's get real - is how you truly show appreciation in the nursing field. It sounds like his coworkers had fun giving him a fond farewell also. Since Jared is taking a prison nursing job, messages like "Don't drop the soap!" made their way in SensiCare butt cream onto his car windows.

In other family news, Justy passed her massage therapy boards yesterday.
Congrats baby sister!!
She can now begin the work on her room she will be operating within a chiropractor's office. And on a side note, I can't wait to start doing her laundry in exchange for free massages.

Tonight we are celebrating her graduation with a party - small-town style of course.  Aka baked beans are on the menu.  But hey, as long as there is cake, I am a happy lady.

As always, the day here has been random and funny, at least as long as my dad is talking. Our conversations have ranged from testosterone cream to how boring Catrina's blog would be if she had one ("I woke up, I taught school, I came home, I petted my cat, I watched tv, I went to bed"). And as loaded down as the fridge is with adult beverages, tonight should prove to be thoroughly entertaining as well.

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  1. BAKED BEANS! Of course I couldn't come. I hope it was wonderful...congrats, Justina!


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