Saturday, March 10, 2012

Moving On Up.... to northwest Iowa

So my last post was titled "March Madness" ...  Yeah, that was a little premature.

And as I hinted about, we are indeed packing boxes. Jared accepted the position that he interviewed for a few short days ago. So now we are moving.


Not so much ughhh at the thought of being moved, but ughhh at the moving itself. I dislike moving, as I am assuming most (normal) people do. All that packing and lifting and hauling and loading. Then doing it all in reverse to unpack all that crap.

I put in my three weeks notice on Friday. It was kinda weird. Everyone was really understanding and happy for us to be moving on in life. It was just weird because of the fact that The Med Center has become a little home in itself, a place where I see familiar faces in the hallways and a place where I feel comfortable (once I stopped being lost constantly). I will miss it. I made a lot of friends and have lots of great memories {and stories -  hello, I worked on 5West!}.

But we are excited for the weeks to come. We're moving in with my youngest sister Justy, who has a house with an upstairs for us to take over occupy. We will have our own bathroom and bedrooms up there, so there might be some semblance of normalcy for Justina.  We picked out some paint colors and will be painting over the black-and-white 70s era psychedelic wallpaper in every room. {Please, Jesus, let that paint provide adequate coverage...} There are huge walk-in closets in every bedroom, so we will have plenty of space.

The downside is that our house is still on the market. {Want to buy a house??!} Hopefully this spring we will see some serious activity. Two couples are actively interested and have told our realtor they want to buy it, but they are needing to sell their houses too.

Same. old. story.

So right now we are still stuck. The bright side of living with my sister is that we can leave our house  furnished - with the exception of two bedrooms. We will be taking what we need and boxing up a lot of other things. Everything will look clean, organized, and in its proper place. There won't be any more last minute scrambles to try and make the house perfect for a showing (while both children simultaneously undo all I just did). Our wonderful neighbors even offered to mow the lawn for us! Bless them.

Things are seeming to fall into place pretty easily. I like it when that happens. It makes you feel like you made the right choice and takes away some of the stress that comes with change.

So if you're a praying person, I would appreciate a nice prayer that we can keep our sanity during these next three weeks. March 30th is moving day, and it will be here before we know it.

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  1. Good luck honey!!! It is sooooo stressful! I am house hunting right now and have to purchase one and MOVE before Justin comes back as our lease is up at the end of July. I'm like really? how the hell am I going to do that??? I'll be praying for you ya'll


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