Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Steel Balls, errr... I mean, Bars

This summer we will hold the 2nd Annual Random/Slightly-Awkward Ellis Girls Concert Event.

Last year it was  Meat Loaf.

Yes, the same Meat Loaf from the 70s who sang 12-minute-long songs filled with lyrics about bats from Hell and the things he wouldn't do for love.

In short it was awesome.
{Okay, so maybe it wasn't awesome because of him, but we made it awesome nonetheless.}

We kept it classy by pregaming in the parking lot.

Group shot with Meat Loaf (okay, he's cardboard, but it's the best we could do.)

Warm weather and some choice beverages made the night even better.

You might be asking yourself: Why would girls in their 20s, who weren't even born when his songs first came out, attend a Meat Loaf concert?  (Good question.)

The answer is quite simple.

It is all the fault of Linda Wheeler, our childhood babysitter. She watched me from the time I was about 9 months old until I went off to preschool. When she stopped babysitting after Justina was born, we still continued to see her. She, along with her husband Ed, would have us over on weekends every once in a while. {Aren't they wonderful?!} We would all walk to the grocery store, where we would each pick out a candy treat and a pop to have while we watched our movie that night.

Then every summer they would take all of us to AdventureLand in Des Moines. We would load up in their station wagon and the entire way down {and I mean, the entire way down} to Des Moines, we would listen to Meat Loaf cassettes. Ed and Linda loved Meat Loaf, and so gradually after riding in the car with them, all four of us girls became fans.

We always joked that we would go see him in concert if he ever toured again. (Who thought that would happen?!) So when he signed on to play at The Stir Concert Cove in Omaha last year, we bought tickets. Who would have guessed it would be sold out? I am sure we were the youngest people there by far. And I think it's fair to say we knew more songs that most of the people there too. {Or maybe we just sang the loudest....?}

This year we are continuing the trend and inviting Mom along, too.

On June 2nd, we are going to be road tripping to see....Michael Bolton.
{I told you it was random and slightly awkward!}

We also became Michael Bolton fans (and I am using the term "fans" very loosely) by being forced to listen to it in the car. In a different, but equally awesome station wagon, my mom would pop in her variety of Michael albums and - poof! - we knew all the lyrics to "How Can We Be Lovers (If We Can't Be Friends)" Definition of classy right there.

The best was when one of us innocently asked if he was saying "steel balls" in his song "Steel Bars." We proceeded to inject the word "balls" every time and ever since then, no one can sing it correctly. And to be honest, I am looking forward to singing it wrong at his concert in a couple months: "Steel balls...wrapped all around me...."  And don't judge. You (sadly) probably know more of his songs than you think.

It might be a horrible show (although I am sure it will be wonderful since Barbara from New Jersey reviewed his concert - and I quote- "Michael was like a very fine wine, getting better with age." HA!) No matter if he goes hoarse during the concert or sings each song at half tempo (hello Meat Loaf), we are still going to have a good time. Guaranteed.

Now if only he still had all that sexy hair....



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