Sunday, November 18, 2012

Still hanging on

Yep, I'm still here.  No baby yet.

The days are going so very slow, yet so very fast.

Last Thursday morning I got a call from my doctor's office. It was just a follow-up call to let me know that everything was normal on the ultrasound, but my doctor will be wanting to "discuss my options" at my next appointment due to the baby's "large size." 
By dates I was 38 weeks at my ultrasound, so an estimate of 8 pounds really doesn't seem that huge to me. My mom's smallest baby was over 9 pounds. And in case you haven't noticed, I am not exactly a tiny person myself...

So my mind immediately imagines the conversation we are going to have, which basically goes something like this:
Doctor:  Your baby is measuring big. If you don't go into labor on your own by the 27th, we are scheduling a c-section.
Me: But I really don't want a c-section.
Doctor: Too bad.

Okay, there might be more to the conversation than that... but I am afraid he will deny me a chance at a repeat VBAC. And after my experience with Bailey, a c-section is the LAST thing I want. Personally I didn't enjoy not feeling below my waist for 12 hours and being so out of it that I almost dropped/puked on my baby the first time holding her. Not cool.

So for the past four days, I have been trying every "natural" thing to induce labor on my own - or at least "prime the pump" for Baby to get things started this upcoming week. We have been taking the girls on hour-long walks every afternoon. And Jared, with some help from YouTube and Justy, has been rubbing pressure points on my feet with gusto. It doesn't seem to be making much difference, but hey - it can't hurt, right?

Aside from hoping Baby will make an appearance soon, we have been busy doing other things.
{I really need to be better about taking pictures lately. All these word-only posts are probably getting pretty dull.}

We made cupcakes Friday afternoon with the girls in honor of Aunt Beaner's birthday. Bailey enjoyed whisking the batter and Avery was content to just sit on a chair pretending to help Jared make the frosting. Both girls knew the final reward would be licking the frosting-covered beater, so they were on their best behavior.

Saturday we loaded up and went to Jolley for a breakfast of biscuits and gravy. It had been years since I had gone and the huge vats of sausage gravy did not disappoint. Afterward we headed to my Grandma Connie's house so the girls could see her and Grandpa. As usual Avery screamed upon seeing her Great Grandpa Lyle, but she eventually warmed up when bribes of food were offered.

Also this weekend:
Board game time.
    {Rummikub is where it's at.}
I finished washing some final baby clothes.
I forced Jared into helping me organize a room in the basement.
TV time. Our DVR has finally been thinned out a little. So many good shows; such little time!

Right now I suppose I should drag my butt to bed. In a week or so I am going to wish I had the option of going to bed and sleeping for a good 8 or 9 hours straight like I do now (give or take about 5 different night-time potty breaks).
I really should be taking advantage.

Say some prayers for us that this baby decides to appear on its own this week so we can avoid surgery or a scheduled induction.


  1. I sure hope he/she comes -- like SOON!!! I want you to have another VBAC because thats what YOU want! Jared better get busy with the sex too hahaha c'mon softening that cervix! ha! sorry for all you non-medical, sex-senstivie people that read this hahaha

    Seriously though, the mention of cupcakes and biscuits just made me super hungry minus the fact that Justin and I just now had to perform an act of God with cleaning J's poo filled clothes and keeping it out of her stitches! Being a parent is SO GROSS sometimes! Only another mom can appreciate this type of stuff haha

    I've been thinking of you so much and like everyday. Keep doing anything and everything honey!!! Praying for you!

  2. Ps - I should read BEFORE I post! My fingers move faster than my brain ;s

  3. The cupcakes were delicious! And come on baby, the 20th of November is a pretty great day! :)


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