Friday, November 1, 2013

Five on Friday

Seeing as it is after 10 pm, I am a little late to the game.
And this late night action is actually my first Five on Friday post ever.
But I like easy, and blogging about 5 random things seems to be about the easiest thing out there.
So here goes! 

1) We arrived back from Colorado  yesterday afternoon. (More on that trip soon.) We unloaded all 3 kids from the car and went trick-or-treating an hour later. Everyone was on edge and Bailey was half-sick, but chocolate candy apparently does a lot to improve your outlook on life.

2) Speaking of chocolate candy, whose idea was it to get back to eating better today? Oh yeah, mine. One of my dumber moves. There is a huge pile of brown-wrappered mini bites of delicious just sitting on the counter right now, taunting me. I was actually doing pretty well with my decision. Then I spotted one of these bad boys in the kids' goody bags from our neighbors:

This is my heroin, people.
I made it until 8:15. Then I caved. It was delicious. Then I brushed my teeth to curb any more eating outbursts. Because clearly I am too lazy to rebrush. Problem solved.

3) On our flight to Colorado, we overheard the stewardesses talking about the service animal up in the front of the plane. And not just any service animal.
A service pig.
How sweet is that!?
Apparently the pig's neighbors in the surrounding seats were not amused. (Snobs.) I would have been all over that! It wasn't like a huge pig; it was small enough to sit on the lap of its owner.
Now if I go blind or something (one again, F you, diabetes) I might have to opt for the pig option, just to stand out in the crowd. And as my friends and family already know, I had a pet pig growing up. Not like the run-of-the-mill guinea pig or potbellied pig variety. I had a pig. His name was Persy and to this day I still get harassed by family members about how great the bacon tasted later. But I do not care, he was cool. I would totally post a picture of him, but I am a zitty lookin' 7th grader with horrible glasses who hadn't "thinned down" yet. So nope, I won't even post that embarrassing shit in Persy's honor.

4) We are so behind on our TV shows. This is a problem. I have certain addictions that need to be maintained! Between two out-of-state funerals and a husband passing out on the couch the second I put the kids to bed, we are weeks behind.
Nashville just might be my favorite show,
especially since Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones is not on right now.
You definitely do not have to be a country music junkie to love this show. Although that probably makes it even better. The music is pretty damn good.

5) Bathroom remodel starts Monday! Yippee!
And if you need a refresher on how overdue this renovation is, please click on this here little link: Our Purple Bathroom.
Gross, right?
Stay tuned: I plan to annoy you all with random updates on the progress.

Hope everybody had a happy Friday! I am off to bed. Finally.

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