Monday, November 4, 2013

our Colorado trip

Last week we spent a few days in Colorado with Jared's mom. Jared's grandpa passed away recently, and we journeyed out for the funeral and a short visit.

Norm served in the Air Force, so he had a military burial at Fort Logan National Cemetery in Denver.
I had never been there before, but the view of row after row after row of white headstones identifying those who have served was breathtaking.

It was a small funeral and burial. The lunch following was small as well, but there was time to chat with Jared's family members and I met some new ones as well.

One child needs to be crying in every group photo ever taken, right?
At least that is how it appears in my childhood photo albums. Just keepin' the tradition alive!

The rest of the days were spent hanging out with Cathy.

Rocky Mountain Pumpkin Patch


Fun nights spent in the bathtub
And clearly if Graham is going to smile cutely, Bailey needs to salute and Avery will practice her best zombie face for Halloween.
Crazy cupcakes from Grandma Cathy's friend
A little Graham and Grandma Cathy time

Pumpkin carving and decorating
And then the flight back...
Yep, all three kids sacked out on Jared.
And Mama got to sit and read a People magazine.
(Don't judge our 11 month-old's fashion statement. His dress shoes are the only ones he can't get off.)
It truly was a great visit and went way too quickly.

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