Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WTF Wednesday

the Fisher-Price Ipad "apptivity" (ugh...) seat.

Fisher-Price apptivity seat

I truly hope that no parent-to-be puts this thing on their baby registry. I mean we all occasionally use the TV as a babysitter for our older kids, but this thing is intended for newborns. Newborns. You know, those tiny little humans that are all crossed-eyed and lack any real motor control? Yep, them. 
Why not get their iPads connected pronto? Little Susie needs to get caught up on Game of Thrones and update her Facebook status!

I'm pretty sure that anyone who knows anything about babies knows that this is bad for them, right? Whatever happened to rattles? Or just letting the babe check out its surroundings? (Everything is new and amazing when all you have seen for the last 9 months is the side of a placenta.) 

But, oh, who am I kidding? Forget it. Plug in the Ipad. Let's try our best to stifle baby's imagination and creativity straight out of the womb.

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