Monday, April 2, 2012

All moved in

First of all - moving sucks.
It just does. No one likes it.

But on the other more positive side, my family is awesome. Not only did my parents, Taylor, and Justina come down to help load everything into my dad's large trailer, but my Grandma Joyce and Grandpa Ronnie drove their truck down as well. All of them, along with Jared of course, packed and loaded and unloaded the day away. I wish I had some pictures to document the event (my posts need more visuals to liven them up) but I don't.

I also don't have any pictures to show the disaster that was the kitchen at our new home. We soon discovered that we now have about 3 times what any normal family should have of things like Rotel and shredded coconut and garlic powder. We definitely have a "Mormon pantry" as we affectionately call it, and when combined with the items from Justy's cabinets, it is just a sight to behold.

My mom took on the task of organizing box after box of canned goods into the basement pantry. {She soon regretted that decision.} Just when she thought there couldn't be any more food, we would carry down another box of beans. or bag of pasta. or jar of mayo. It was almost comical.

My mom's work of art. Or at least one part of it. Anyone coming over for dinner? I think we might have just enough food to whip something up...Maybe...

It seems like most of the important stuff made the trip. The shelf of bottles and pumping supplies did not get packed, so we are working with one bottle and nipple right now. Also the huge (and very, very cheap) Costco jar of formula I use to make Avery's baby cereal did not find its way here. So I had to suck it up and go buy a container that is about one-sixth of the size (for the same price!) at a local grocery store. That hurt.

We also forgot other miscellaneous things we had planned on bringing. There was no room for our poor plants, so they got left behind. All the cooking pots too. Oops. And some lawn chairs that would have been handy these last few days. But we are doing okay without them right now.

Slowly we are opening up the last boxes and finding drawers to file away the remaining items. Some shelves and pictures still need hung, but overall our space is starting to feel more like home.

Poor Gary. That cat has no idea of the torture she is in for. {And yes, Gary is a "she." Justy named her - that is your first clue.}

The bane of my existence. the kitchen sink. No dishwasher exists in this house. From now on, I will be spending way too much one-on-one time with this sorry excuse for a faucet.

We're all still working on carving out our own little spaces. A place to run and hide away for a while. Or in my case, go to sleep at the end of what feels like a long, long day.

My side of the bed.

Bailey's world  {notice how the boots are always close at hand?}

Avery is at home wherever her thumb is. Luckily for us, it travels quite well.

After only two days, the girls seem to be back on a somewhat normal schedule. I was worried about them sharing a room, but both girls went right to sleep the first night. Last night was a different story. Bailey put on her boots and was jumping and running around the room. From downstairs I could hear her footsteps moving across the floor and Avery just laughing and laughing. That is Bailey - our little entertainer.

When I checked on them later, Bailey was fast asleep in her bed, boots still on her feet.
It doesn't get much cuter than that.

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  1. Sad day when those boots are too small!!!


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