Tuesday, April 16, 2013

just stuff

I don't have much blog-worthy material to discuss right now, just some random pictures of the last week or so.

It was nice enough one day for Jared to take the girls on a bike ride around town.
And by "nice" I mean not bone-chilling cold.
They still needed hats and a blanket on their laps.
These girls are dying to get outside any way possible.

Little Man finally fit into his Broncos get-up.
{Daddy and Grandma Cathy are so proud!}
Too bad we missed football season by a few months...

Graham is finally starting to enjoy bath time.
It's so sweet to watch them realize that they can kick the water with their feet
and actually have fun in the tub.

He is also in the beginnings of the crawling stage.
Unlike his sister Avery, he might actually move an inch or two before the age of 7 months.
P.S.  I really, really love his wild hair.

I had the chance to do a little shopping in the past two weeks.
It was nice to escape the kids for a few hours and look around for things I actually WANTED to buy.
Bonus: I didn't have to spend an hour buying groceries!

I found some new frames to display some of my favorite photos.
a) Avery and me when she was just a few months old
b) Graham a few weeks ago

c) one of my all-time favorites: 
    Bailey and my dad. on a hay rack ride. with straw in their mouths.
I found the decorative bird for $1.70 at Hobby Lobby.
Little things really do excite me.


  1. awwww I love the pictures (and the ones in the frames!!). You even changed ur blog page -- so puuuurdy! :)

    This long winter...eerrr spring...has seriously over-stayed its welcome :s

    PS - I love G's hair too :) :) He has the SWEETEST, most kissable lil face!

  2. In that pic of G's hair, he looks ridiculously like Jared! :)


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