Thursday, April 4, 2013

Recap and kneecap

So it isn't really my kneecap, but it rhymed and I am feeling that cheesy today.

I finally have a few minutes to myself. This week, as well as this past weekend, has gone by so quickly.

Let's recap.

So I had my knee surgery last Thursday. I had to be at the hospital by 6:30 AM so my mom woke up early and rode along with me and Graham while Justy watched the girls and Jared slept from working part of the night before.
Everything went well.
I had to have a spinal because general anesthesia requires a 24-hour break from breastfeeding.
I was definitely not going down that road. Dealing with Graham and his bottle drama would be much more pain than a surgery I am certain.
I have had spinals before with my two c-sections, so it wasn't anything new. Sadly what also wasn't new was the anesthesiologist having to try three different locations because of my "bony" back. {Ugh - That would be the only part of my body to be described as bony...}
Of course since that took longer than normal, the surgeon was in the room impatient to start before I felt any of the medicine working - so she gave me Propofol too.

I was gone from the room for a grand total of about 35 minutes. I was still very foggy from the Propofol and kept sleeping on and off for a few hours. The worst part was not being able to move my legs. I felt like I just couldn't get comfortable. I hate that feeling! I can't imagine how terrible it would feel to be paralyzed; three hours felt like an eternity! But within those three hours I was back to normal and walking around though.

I didn't need crutches and was able to bear weight right away. It was stiff at first, and thankfully I was able to rest a bit since it was Easter weekend and my sisters were in town. It was a collective effort of keeping the girls entertained.
My knee hasn't been what is bothering me - it was my back. Every time I bent over or sat in a chair other than a hard-backed chair, I would have shooting pains up my back and down my legs. I have been told by my doctor that can be normal, even though I didn't have it with my first two spinals. Gradually it is getting better, but it was torture that first night when I tried to lay down to sleep; not even ibuprofen and narcotics helped it.

I am clear to resume exercising, although I am not sure exactly what that will be. It has been nice outside, so we have been going on walks. And out of the videos I have been doing, I am guessing about half of the different moves would cause my knee pain - which is what I am supposed to go by as I get back into the swing of things. Pain in the knee: it's too much. I have just gotten to the point where going down stairs feels close to normal again, so it is going to be a gradual process in the exercise department.

We celebrated Easter two different days.
Saturday was spent at my grandparents' house and Sunday at my parents' after church. The girls woke up to an egg hunt on Easter morning and LOVED it. It makes me smile to remember their excited squeals as they would find the hidden eggs and candy. The holidays really are that much more special when you begin to relive them through your children.

Other than that, this week has been full of doctor's appointments.
Both Bailey and Graham had routine check-ups on Monday.

Graham's 4 month stats:
Weight: 15 lbs 14 oz  (75th percentile)
Height: 26 1/2 inches  (90-95th percentile)
   {No wonder he continues to be too long for all his pants.}

We had a different doctor because our regular one was on vacation. She said both Bailey's ears were free of wax and her tubes were clear. Umm... not what we were told less than 2 weeks ago. She looked a second time and didn't change her mind. So I caved and schedule an ENT appointment so we would know for sure and get the ball rolling on surgery if needed. And yep, our Wednesday appointment confirmed that both her T-tubes are still plugged with wax and she does indeed need them removed and replaced. So we will be scheduling that soon.

As for the rest of this week, I am leaving Saturday morning for my much anticipated get-together with old friends in Kansas City.
I would be lying if I didn't say I am feeling a little anxious about it.
I know Graham is like 4 1/2 months old now, but I haven't been away from him for more than 5 hours before. And that happened only twice. It's not that I am one of those moms who can't be away from her baby, but this child barely eats when I am gone!

I suppose he will figure it out once he has to - at least that is what everyone tells us. And the one day I went on strike and refused to feed him, he eventually gave in by the 3rd bottle or so and ate an ounce. He isn't scrawny; I know he will survive. I just feel bad about it. It makes me feel guilty to know that I will be having so much fun and he will probably be here crying on and off for me. Poor baby, I just need to not think about it I guess...

On a happier note, Graham has been sleeping in his crib for a couple weeks now. I appreciate a baby-free room and he gets a much more comfortable space too. Plus, he just achieved 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep the other night. Hooray!

Okay, and now for some picture randomness:

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