Monday, April 8, 2013


This past Saturday trip was a total success. For me at least. (Sorry Jared.)

Old friends reunited for a night of laughs.
And beers.
And cupcakes.

We talked into the wee hours of the evening about old stories, new events in our lives, and even more old stories. Lord knows we have a lot of them; just ask our significant others - they can probably recite them all, too.

Some time after 1 AM Kevin lugged out a large box of old photos. Almost all of them brought back old memories. Many of them were embarrassing. And some were also slightly depressing as we realized just how much thinner we were back in those days.

I have known these people f-o-r-e-v-e-r.
I honestly went to preschool with Kevin, Shelby, and Holly. 
That's like 23 years of friendship right there.
And Sarah was my best friend starting in 3rd grade.
She was my friend through the fat years, the braces years, the glasses years, and the short hair year. Sadly a couple of those overlapped... Yikes!

I think it's really awesome that 10 years out of high school now, we are all still good friends. We might not see each other very often, but our histories are interwoven in a way that I won't experience with anyone else. Every single time we get together my stomach hurts from laughter. We don't have to do anything special. Some of the best times we have had involved a cooler and someone's living room/garage/barn. I can always count on them to remind me of all the stupid things I have done in the past - most of which they were doing right along with me. (Believe me, Kevin has the pictures to prove it!)

I am so glad we got together.
I love you guys.

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