Monday, April 22, 2013

SNO: Sisters' Night Out

Friday night was the Ellis Girls' night out.

We met up in Des Moines and checked into the Drury Inn.
(Seriously, what a blah hotel name.)
Our stay was free, and somehow we were upgraded to a suite - which was awesome.

Group photo.
I won't admit to how many takes we did on this one.
Screw you post-baby body!

We did a little shopping for clothes and some booze.
Then we headed back to the hotel for their happy hour time. We each had 3 free drinks and some snacks. And being our father's daughters we hit it up - hard. I am pretty sure we were all tipsy by the end of the hour. And probably absolutely annoying the hell out of the people at the next few tables. We successfully harassed each other about topics that needed to be addressed - in a way only sisters can get away with.  (You're welcome, Beaner!)

We eventually headed out for some real supper. and more drinks.
Then it was back to the hotel for more sisterly hanging out.


(Well hello there, drunk eyes Vanessa...)
We eventually wandered down to the hot tub with our beach bag of brews. And it happened to be overrun with skinny 16 year-olds who took tanning for prom very, very seriously.
And obviously I love this as I am chilling in my Spanx one-piece swimming suit that is straining to contain my 3-kids-in-3-years battle-scarred gut and milk heavy chest.
And if I hadn't been downing a drink (that they were probably jealous of), I might have actually cared for a split second.
Dressing-room let-downs aside, we had a good time together. All our voices were sore the next morning from all the talking and laughing.  I love that.
And now for your viewing pleasure, random embarrassing photos from the evening.
And none of me because that is the perk of writing the blog yourself. :)

All these photos are not Facebook approved but are okay to post on the blog because as Beaner so eloquently put it: "No one reads it anyway."  Thanks Beans.
{"And a big 'F you, Justy' for that last picture" - most women I know.}
So that sums it up.
I love you, sisters.
I don't know what I would do without you all to boss around.  ;)  But really, I am so glad we all have each other.

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  1. That was SO fun! I love the blog, Ness. I love all my sisters! :)


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