Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dancing and Dolls

This morning, as I did dishes with a sleeping newborn strapped to my chest, the girls brought in their dolls to have an impromptu dance session in the kitchen. They have quite the moves.

We were listening to the new CD I bought. Yes, a CD. Remember those? I honestly can't remember the last time I purchased an actual CD. Maybe 6 or 7 years ago?
Anyway... I bought the soundtrack to the show Nashville. {And if you aren't watching that show, you should start.}
It's good.
I like every song.
Especially this one.  
And this one.   
"You think you know what you’re looking for, till what you’re looking for finds you"...
I am such a sucker for a love song. Especially one with lyrics that ring true.
The girls and I were jamming out in our pj's. Because yes, we were still in our pj's at 10 AM.

Later, tired out from all the dancing, they begged for an episode of Elmo.
I came in a few minutes later to check on them and this is what I found.


They love their dolls. They really like that they can always tell whose doll is whose from the hair. Avery - being her ornery self - always steals Bailey's doll on purpose and runs away with it. Bailey is quick to remind her that her doll is the "brown one."

Bailey also informed me of this yesterday:
I'm Bailey Solko. She Marie Solko.

Whenever I tell Bailey that Marie is her middle name, she always insists, "No it isn't, silly!"
Apparently the doll can have it instead.

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