Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I have been doing pretty good on my new year's resolution to keep a gratitude journal.
In fact, I haven't even missed a day yet. Pretty good for me.
Most nights I lay down Little Man in his pack-n-play in our room and ready myself for bed too. And because I set my glasses down on the bedside table, I always end up feeling my journal that is sitting there in the dark. And then I remember: oh yeah, I need to write in that.
So it is a built-in reminder apparently.
It hasn't been too hard to find things to be grateful for. There is a lot really.

Yesterday's entry:

1) Old friends
I met Kevin at Holly's house to meet her newborn daughter Landrey for the first time.
So cute! We just sat around gossiping, discussing gross birthing topics (sorry Kevin!), and holding our respective newborns.

2) Mexican food
We met my grandparents and my sister Justy for supper. The food tasted extra good now that I can finally enjoy a tiny little margarita with it.

3) Baby snuggles
Graham and I shared an amazing mid-afternoon nap in the recliner. Nothing better than a warm blanket and an even warmer little baby.

And speaking of sweet little babies...
 mine is letting me know it is time for a snack.
This mobile milk machine better get going!

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