Monday, January 14, 2013

Jail break!

Yesterday I escaped!
Because yes, it does feel like a prison break-out when you get to finally leave the house (and the kids) for a few hours.
It was the longest I have been away from the kids in oh... 7 weeks exactly.

I went with Justy to see Les Miserables in the theater.
Just seeing a movie in the theater is a real feat these days.
I thought it was good.
There were times I was thinking, Really? You need to sing this line?  but not too many.

Per usual we snuck in cans of pop in our purses and purchased a popcorn to share.
Blame my dad, but I just really hate paying four bucks for a small-sized pop.
It was really quiet in the theater, so we waited for a loud part to open the can. And we planned a cough along with it. {Keepin' it classy.} Then when it was time, we totally misjudged and the loud crack! came just as it got quiet again {oops, my bad} which made us both laugh really hard. I am sure our fellow movie-goers' eyes about rolled out of their heads.

After the movie we headed to Walmart so Justy could get some "much-needed groceries." She proceeds to pick up two cans of tuna, whole wheat pasta, and one other item I can't even remember. Wow - no wonder this girl stays so skinny if that is her entire grocery list. My blood sugar dropped to a super low number while we were in the store, which basically makes me feel drunk and sometimes I act inappropriately.  Like laughing when I shouldn't and saying things I probably shouldn't. Also having just seen a movie with lots of music in it didn't help. Turns out it's extra fun to sing every word you say. 
Fortunately Justy is a good sport.

One thing I always love about riding in a car with any one of my sisters - we know all the same old songs. We put on old CDs we made back in high school or look up a song that is really obscure - one only we seem to know all the words to. Then we sing really loud. And with some songs, there are hand gestures and actions.
Yep, we are that cool.
Justy didn't disappoint and we listened to some good oldies, along with new songs she forced me to listen to to try and keep me somewhat with the times. (Spoiler alert- it doesn't really work.)

So while it was nice, it was good to get back home.
(Even if it was only because my boobs were about to burst.)
Yesterday was a win-win for both Jared and me:
I got to see the movie and he never ever has to.
You're welcome, Jared. 


  1. My other item was coffee creamer.

    I am glad I could join you in your short jail break. It was fun! :)

    Les Mis was good and I would definitely recommend watching it if you are interested.

  2. I love jamming to music with the sisters! Top favs are Meat, M-Bolt, and 90's hip-hop and country!


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