Monday, January 28, 2013


I awoke before 7 AM yesterday because Bailey was crying. Well, actually Jared jabbed me in the ribs repeatedly, but hey - I did get up.

I went to her room to tell her to get back in bed, it wasn't time to wake up yet. She continued to whimper. I told her again with a bit more mommy attitude to get back in bed. I was longing to climb back into bed, but instead I jumped the baby gate to go lay by her. That is when I discovered both the bed and Bailey covered in vomit.
Happy Monday!

I stripped both Bailey and the bed and we made our way downstairs.
Load of laundry #1.
Bailey seemed to be feeling just fine. She was begging for milk so I gave her a small amount of juice. We settled in and she watched some Sesame Street. She made it about a half hour before having her second round of vomiting. All over the couch, carpet, and herself. Thankfully it was just juice.
Load of laundry #2.
I had other clothes to throw in anyway, so why not?
This time I wizened up and covered the love seat and floor in front of it with an old twin bed sheet set. But not 15 minutes later...Session #3. This time it was contained to one large blanket and her pants.
Load of laundry #3.

The rest of the morning went pretty smoothly. We watched both The Lion King and Lady & The Tramp. Thankfully Graham was content and Avery slept in until 10 AM. I begged a favor of Justy and she brought over some 7Up for Bailey to drink. The thrill of drinking pop lasted for a good hour before Bailey was again begging for milk. You couldn't tell she was sick. She was dancing to the songs on her Disney movies and fighting with her sister.

She ate some crackers for lunch and then it was nap time. She actually napped pretty well. When she woke up crying, Jared went to get her. She was covered in diarrhea. So was her bed. And the down comforter she laid on top of...
Load of laundry #4.
She had a piece of toast for supper and seemed to do okay. She got a thorough bath and went to bed more easily than she has in weeks. I didn't hear a peep out of her all night, but this morning I discovered she had again covered her bed in vomit and relocated overnight to Avery's future bed in the same room.
Load of Laundry #5.
So far today, she has eaten half a chicken nugget and three crackers. The stubborn thing won't try anything else. But so far, so good. No new pukes. Hopefully that's the end of it. I hate seeing Bailey hurt. And I do not want to change that damn daybed one more time!

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