Saturday, January 5, 2013


Today I spent the only free time I had sorting, organizing, labeling, and filing away 180+ pictures into the kids' photo albums. Leaving me with a hand sore from writer's cramp. I felt like I was back in college scrambling to write as much as possible on an all-essay final exam. {btw - those were always so dumb. multiple choice is easier for me and you, the teacher grading the test.}

I usually do this process every month, but this time I was about 3 months behind... oops. Living in a digital age where you can share pictures online and never have to leave your house to order them makes life so much easier. We have a photo-sharing group online with our family members, which is amazing. We never have to guess what photos people want and mail them - they can just do it all themselves online.

Now that things have settled a little bit here at home, I have things I need to catch up on. Like the photos: things that are no where close to urgent, but need to get done nonetheless.

My next goal is to write in the girls' journals.
After seeing how touched my friend Shelby was when she received a journal her mom kept for her from when she was a baby, I decided to keep a journal for each of our girls. I found these handmade journals on Etsy and absolutely love them.

I wrote about the day they were born, little milestones as they grew, and sweet moments we shared. Now, as they grow older, I also write down funny things Bailey says or how sweet Avery is with the new baby.

Now that we have a boy, I wasn't sure if a journal was too "girly." But most people I asked thought I should go ahead and keep one for him too. My hope someday is that all of our kids will appreciate being able to read about the things they were doing and how their dad and I felt as they grew up. And it's a good way for me to remember all the little things from our day-to-day lives together that become so easy to forget. So even if a journal is pretty girly, maybe some day when I am dead and gone Graham will appreciate it anyway.

Tonight Bailey offered her "help" in the kitchen. She likes to play with all her food toys, but cooking for real with Daddy is much more fun.
(And so is constantly trying to eat what is being cooked.)

This little terror was also roaming the kitchen,
looking for dropped food or anything she could climb on top of.
From the looks of it, we may need to invest in a high-quality hair net.
Meanwhile Brother took a nice long nap up against his boppy.
(That seems to do the trick lately!)
Of course he woke up just as i was sitting down to eat supper.
Of course.
Baby's have ESP for that, you know.


  1. Such sweet pictures! I love your "babies" Ness, and even B's crazy pretty hair!!!!

    You know what you might also like? Its was a challenge some days but I did it for a whole year (it only has enough "space" for a year though). I even printed and added special pictures, etc so it would be more special.

    It's called and "I like" book. They come in all different colors, even have them for couples, etc. Here is a link, but you can find them anywhere like Amazon.

    But everyday you, or whoever, write something that you like about your child. Something cool or different they did that day, how they made you feel, etc. Sometimes it was super easy and other days not as much.

    Love the journal idea! And yes, even for Graham! :)

    1. I like that idea! That might be a smart thing to do. It is hard to remember the "likes" some days when dealing with a temperamental 2 year old.

      A good idea for a marriage too. I might have to see if Jared would actually do it with me. With the craziness of 3 kids under 3 and him working nights, it would be helpful to try and remember the things we actually do like about each other. ;)


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