Thursday, January 3, 2013

life with a mama-lovin' baby

2013 has been pretty ho-hum around here so far.

Jared worked a double shift on New Year's Day, which translates into more money for us, but a pretty long day (after a near-sleepless night) for me. So I was really happy when my mom asked if she and my dad could come hang out later that night. They help with baths and are champion book-readers. Plus the girls always like to jump all over spend time with their grandparents. 

Graham has been making sure I don't get much done around the house.
That child doesn't want to be put down.   ever.
In fact he is chilling in my lap right now as I write this.
I can't remember the girls being quite this needy.

I am all for baby-wearing. I have a Moby wrap and I use it. But it is super hard to do tasks requiring bending over when wearing a newborn, especially one who weighs what most 3 month-olds do. Perhaps I am not doing it right, but I can't help but feel like his head is going to snap right in half if I bend over too far.
So unloading the dishwasher is out. So is picking up toys. And laundry for the most part.

If I sit/lay him down for even a few minutes, this is the face I get:
So sad, right?

It doesn't matter if he is completely asleep when I lay him down, he wakes up within seconds. And that nice swing we bought just for him? Forget about it.

We were doing really well at night - sleeping 5 hours at a time, but he seems to have hit a growth spurt. He sleeps well, just not by himself. He is a bit codependent you might say. He snoozes just fine as long as I am within one centimeter of his body. Each and every time I try and put him down in the pack-n-play. If he lasts an hour, I am amazed. Most times he wakes up within 15 minutes - just enough time for me to have fallen asleep - a hard sleep.

And I know I shouldn't, but I get up and put him in bed with me. Instantly he stops crying and makes this sweet little baby sigh as he snuggles up next to me.'s just so cute...{Clearly, he is one manipulative little baby...} I don't sleep nearly as well because I don't move the entire time, but at least it is sleep. We won't make a habit of it (personally, I think those "family bed" people are bat-shit crazy) but it is what is working this week.

Speaking of beds, we had a family movie night on ours last night.
Oliver and Company was what was showing. (Pretty awesome, I know.)
We all cuddled up together under the covers and watched a Disney movie together. Bailey was pumped just because there was popcorn. Sister loves her snack foods.
It was a sweet moment.
Like the ones I pictured when I imagined having kids some day.
And those moments are what make the hard days and long, sleepless nights all worth it.


  1. That face IS pathetic!! Oh my goodness!!! Poor wittle guy!

    Now lets see, Mama's boy?? Be strong mama ... you soooo would've let your girls "cry it out" haha

    Its okay though because like you mentioned in the past, this could be your last wee-one, so enjoy every second of it I say!!

    PS - I loved my Maya wrap too! I actually used it with Jocie until the end of this last summer. I know, I'm crazy seeing how she was uhm OVER 2 YEARS OLD, but it was a good way for her to be more involved and not in the wheelchair ya know.

    PSS - I think the "movie in the bed" night sounds SO FUN! Good memories for sure!! ;)

    1. Well, I think crying it out with a 5 week-old probably borders on neglect. ;) So I will enjoy my snuggles.

      On a positive note, he slept 6 hours straight last night! Horray! And 3 hours of it was in his pack-n-play.

      Is the Maya wrap something else new? I have Moby wrap, but I am pretty sure a 30-lb baby wouldn't hold in it! It hurts my back ocassionally just to have a 12-ish pound baby in it!

  2. That's the cute outfit I got him! :)

  3. Not sure if I would call that a "sad face"... but I would definitely archive it for his high school graduation slide show!


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