Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Five

Some random (per usual, right?) thoughts for my Friday.

First up: new hair
I basically never ever switch it up. I haven't desired to be a different hair color, and I am not a risk taker in any sense when it comes to my hair. It's not a diss on Jared's part when I come home from a haircut and he doesn't notice. I am boring when it comes to hair. Well yesterday I decided that it was time to take a little risk and embrace a little change.

Here it is.
Several inches taken off.
Pretty big stuff for little ol' me.
(And my hair isn't a different shade, just different lighting than my profile picture.)

And ugh, can we just talk selfies for a moment?
Once you're of a certain age, aren't they just kinda awkward?
Like I am clearly taking a picture of myself to post/show other people. It just feels weird. So this is the best I got to offer. I digress..

I am happy with how it turned out and even happier that I just rolled with it and gave my hairstylist control over my virgin hair.

And on a funny/ironic note, it turns out my friend Sarah and I both just got haircuts. We both decided to go for bangs. Yeah... we got the same haircut. Apparently great minds think alike. But as long as we don't go back to that boy bowl-cut we had back in 5th grade, we should be good.

I will never ever again buy Puffs instead of the Kleenex brand.
Not because they are bad, they are great in fact - much thicker.
No, I will be buying only Kleenex brand because of the simple fact that with children, the pull-out-the-top-of-the-box feature is an absolute necessity. Yes, they will still be able to pull one after another after another after another out of the box, but that takes time. And I could possibly catch them before they waste an entire box.

The Puffs on the other hand, it took only a couple of seconds for Avery to use an entire brand-spankin-new box as "toilet paper" in the toilet. Because naturally she went and used the toilet by herself, making a mess. And being the thoughtful, cleaning-prone girl that she is *can you hear the sarcasm?*, she decided to clean up.
Cut to me: digging an entire box of tissue out of the #2 filled toilet.
An awesome mental picture, right?
So... No more easy-access kleenex boxes for the Solko family.

I am just mentally preparing myself right now for Graham's inaugural trip to the emergency room.
It's gonna happen.
This kid is ridiculous.
He climbs e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.
My other two climbed. They would get on top of the table and grin, all proud of themselves. I took them down, whatever. They moved on to other things.
Not our Baby #3. 
He is fixated on trying to climb things. Things I can't even prevent him from climbing on.
Just the other day I came in to the living room to find him standing on the back of the couch balancing precariously by holding on to a table lamp.
I'll close the roll-top desk just to find he has scaled it anyway and is sitting on top, mocking me.
He will stand on top of the kid-sized rocking chair in the girls' room (while it is rocking back and forth - just adding to the challenge, Mom!) and use it to hoist himself on to Bailey's bed.

Keepin' it tame this time with some simple chair standing.

If I spent my day removing him from things he shouldn't have climbed on to, I would literally get nothing done. So I just do the dishes and let him sit on the kitchen table watching me. He's kind of like our cat: he wants to get up on the table, but he doesn't know what to do when he gets there. So he just chills. Sucks his thumb. Shouts out at me every 30 seconds so that I wont forget he is up there and that he is oh so clever.
So yep, ER here we come.
One of these days. Be ready for us.
Until about 3 weeks ago, I can honestly say I had coffee only once before. Ever.
And then I finally tried the deliciousness that is the coffee Jared bought from Costco, and I have since become a fan.
Sure I need a lot of Splenda and some milk, but I am working my way up to full-strength.
Slow but steady progress.
I have become one of those people who thinks she needs coffee to tackle a morning with a large to-do list.
Laundry, breakfast to make, cleaning to do, whiny sick kids, and a dog that pissed in his kennel overnight? I. Need. Coffee.
Like that.
Whatever gets ya through the day, right?
And I will finish up with a sweet picture from this past week.
Our kids love books.
And for some reason books in bed are an even bigger hit.
Notice Graham and his chair balancing?

Happy Friday!


  1. Coffee. I don't know how I ever lived without it! Happy to see you joined the dark side. ;)

    1. I know, right?! I blame my new-found addiction on Justy for touting its awesomeness to me daily.


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