Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bailey's 4th birthday party

This past Saturday afternoon we celebrated Bailey's 4th birthday with family at a princess themed party at our house.

Quite honestly, I am not sure how it became themed exactly. We haven't ever thrown parties with a specific theme in mind before. I walked into the party store to look at balloons and walked out with a bunch of princess stuff. Everything was under $30 total (with the exception of the helium tank), so I felt okay jumping on the theme bandwagon.

Plus Bailey was very excited about it all.
She loves her Disney movies! 
She was all smiles for the entire time.
It's rare for her to tolerate more than a couple pictures, and you can see she was grinning ear to ear.
Grandma Cathy made the trip from Colorado and stayed with us for a few days.
She always seems to bring a new fancy dress for Bailey, which works out perfectly as a party dress.

The apparent gift trends this year were Barbies and dresses. 
Don't let her side eye fool you - this girl is obsessed with Skipper (?) and the pony! Avery is quite enamored with it too. The Barbie convertible is also a hit. Those Disney princess dolls are riding in style now!
Bailey got five different dresses too.
And a cute pair of pink shoes, which Graham refused to take off. With two older sisters he is already prepared to be outfitted in Disney dresses, purses, and furry slippers.

Halfway through the gift opening, someone noticed Graham had walked off in those pretty pink shoes and asked Bailey where her brother was.
She thought about it for a split second and nonchalantly said, "Oh, he's on the table."
Five different people raced for the kitchen. 
I personally imagined him sitting in the punch bowl.
He had found the BLT dip instead. And he apparently really enjoyed it.

Bailey requested a flower cake this year - the same one we used for Avery's last birthday. We changed up the colors per her request. We also made another round layer cake with a princess crown design in frosting. I think I shocked Jared with my superb tiara drawing.  ;)

And boy, was that flower cake a thorn in my side.
I had tons of issues with the tip I was using. After struggling through that and essentially slopping the frosting on the sides, I was finally using the pink to outline the petals one last time. I was on the second to last petal when suddenly the tip shoots out of the end of the disposable bag and a HUGE glob of pink frosting lands on and covers most of one white petal. It was so frustrating and summed up my morning so completely that it was comical. Thankfully I fixed it and you couldn't really tell.

This year, blowing out the candles was a highlight, as well as licking the frosting off those candles. 
We all had a wonderful day.
It was special to see the excitement on Bailey's face as she saw her decorations and donned her birthday tiara. 
I enjoyed sitting and chatting with family as the girls tried out Bailey's new Let's Go Fishing game and Graham ran through the streamer-bedazzled doorway over and over again.
It was a sweet day to be a parent, knowing how much fun Bailey was having. And even if she doesn't remember it, I will.

And now that it is over, I am ready for some boring days again! 

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