Friday, February 7, 2014

the Friday 5

So this is probably gonna sound very un-American-ish, but the winter Olympics in Sochi are underway... and I just can't bring myself to give a crap.

The summer games in London? 

We were all about them. We watched the opening ceremonies, recorded hours of coverage during the day, discussed the results... 
Honestly, this time around I will probably watch an hour or two at most, and probably while painting my nails or talking on the phone. 

I mean, yay! for the athletes, but I am just not that in to snow, let alone snow sports. 
So U-S-A! and all that, but I think I'm gonna pass.

Speaking of painting nails, I used a Christmas gift card and bought myself a new brand of polish to try: Essie.
color: Russian Roulette
(I swear, only a coincidence to the subject in #1)

I have happened across quite a few people recommending it and singing its long-lasting praises. And since nothing is more annoying to me than actually getting around to painting my nails for once and then watching them chip on Day 1, I pulled the trigger and bought a bottle of color and the all-in-one base and top coat. It's a little pricier than a Walmart special, but only by a dollar or two. Plus the color selection looks pretty amazing. 


We missed out on the last big storm that rolled through this week. We got maybe 2 inches is all. 
Most of the time the little stuff that isn't quite up to snuff in our house doesn't bother me. 
But then winter rolls around...
And it becomes quite obvious that living in a house someone else previously "fixed up" can be a bit of a pain in the ass.
Exhibit A:
Notice the cute little drift of snow in our front entry??
I am not shocked.

This room is tiny, and it is separated from the rest of the house by another door. This room also seems to have zero insulation. And tile floors. Talk about instant feet frostbite if you dare walk in barefoot. We never use the coat closet in this room, because to do so involves surviving the 30 degree temperature drop from the rest of the house. I can almost see our money floating out of this door. (And I can literally see the outside through the door frame when it is closed...)

I am all for do-it-yourself-ing. By all means, save yourself some money and tackle small projects on your own. But if you don't know how to do something right, then either figure out how to, or hire someone else. Because this is just so not legit.

Can anyone say Summer Project? 
It's next on the list. And sadly it will probably pay for itself just in the energy savings from one winter...


I just finished reading American Wife.
It's not new. It came out in 2008 and apparently I missed all the buzz about it back then.

I like to get recommendations about books, but not overly research them. I like to know it's a type of book I would enjoy, but I don't want to read reviews and perhaps ruin a good book. So I didn't know ahead of time it was loosely based on what the author imagined Laura Bush's life to be like. And I don't even know if it is what she imagines her life to have been like, or if it was just an easy place for an idea to take off - a solid idea on which to base some facts and then let her imagination run wild. 

Either way, I really liked it. 
This has only been the second book by Sittenfeld that I have read, the first being Sisterland, but I liked them both. Apparently I like a journey into the mind of someone else, someone who might be vastly different than you, and finding the similarities that make us all human. Because even though she ends up a wealthy woman of privilege that becomes First Lady, she is still entirely relatable. 

Essentially it is a lot about marriage, and there were parts in the book that I found comforting. Like the small but definitely not-so-pretty parts that I am sure occur in every marriage, we just don't talk about them. It was wholly entertaining to me. I like to see how people get to where they are. 
What shaped them? 
What were they thinking? 
What drove them to do that? 
People are interesting to me in general, and her characters are jump-off-the-page real as you read, at least in my opinion.
I would definitely recommend.

Then there is this cheeser:
He's doing anything for a laugh these days, even if it means eating a whole meal with a piece of ham on his nose.

He's learning new words - two in one day: yummy and baby.

His new favorite game is to get a long distance away and then run in to give you a hug. Followed by a big open-mouthed kiss of course.
Heart melted.

He is ornery already, following things he has clearly learned from sister Avery. She on the other hand seems pretty pleased with her new pupil.

Welp, that's all folks. 
Happy Friday!

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