Saturday, February 8, 2014

kids' cubby storage

I wrote earlier about being excited for the new project Jared has been working on. 
Well, it's finished. 
And has been for like three weeks.
And while there are still photos to hang, I am unveiling it.
It might seem ridiculous how excited I am for some organization around here, but it is the little things in life, my friends.

Jared got the plans from a website he really likes to use: 
Her plans are free, and this woman builds everything
You can search for specific project plans on her site, and also a helpful feature, other people submit photos and reviews of their projects which they finished using her plans. It's a pretty useful tool for anyone who has a particular project in mind (and the skill that goes with it). Quite a few of her children's projects are copy-cat versions of popular stores, such as Pottery Barn.

The cubby was modeled after the Pottery Barn Cameron 2 Cubby & 2 Base version, which is currently selling for $629 on sale right now, not including the $60 for shipping.
Jared was able to buy all the wood, plus paint and miscellaneous supplies for just $150.
He spent part of two afternoons working to complete the project, and then a little bit more time giving it a few coats of paint. 

So without further ado, here is our version.

It is configured of two separate units so that they can be used together or separated later between kids' rooms. 

The base is large and works great to stash away all the bigger items: tractors and school buses and Batman mobiles and Barbie cars that take up so much room in a traditional toy box.

It took a while for me to decide what boxes/bins I wanted to use. I wanted them to be functional and sturdy. 
I also didn't want to break the bank. 
The baskets that are so cutely displayed on the Pottery Barn website for this cubby storage system are priced at $35 per basket, not including the personalized liners which start at $18. Too rich for my blood.

So we finally found four of these bins at Target, and ordered the rest from Target online. 
(Free shipping plus 5% off - Gotta love my RedCard!)
They still weren't cheap (definitely no 35 bucks a bin though!) but I like how purposeful they seem. They have pop-out dividers which have actually proved useful. The girls like to separate their tea set from the rest of their kitchen utensils and keep their Little People separate from their Barbies in the bins. 
(We are raising such organized individuals... ha!)

I wasn't sold on the colors originally, but since placing them in the house, I have come to like them. They are neutral and with all the toys scattered around, there is a lot of color in the room as it is. I was worried about protecting them from the kids' grimy hands - flashes of peanut butter hand prints specifically - so I coated each bin with a few layers of Scotchgard fabric protector. I am hopeful that will help them last much longer than they would have without.

The plan is to hang our two family pictures above the storage unit, along one of these signs Jared makes for his Etsy shop, but has yet to make for his own wifey. 
*hint hint, Jared*

I am very happy with how the project turned out. 
Our room that really isn't a true toy room is now much less of a cluster. 
Plus it seems like they actually play with their toys now. Playing kitchen is way easier when they can grab the two bins containing food and kitchen utensils and get started. No digging through a disorganized, over-full toy box. Less toy tossing chaos.
Plus Mama just really loves feeling organized.

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