Wednesday, February 12, 2014

mid-week randomness

A random assortment of topics ahead.

This past weekend Jared and I got a last second invite (literally, like 2 hours notice) from my sisters to come with them and my cousin Matt and his girlfriend to a concert. Honestly, I had never even heard of the guy (Keith Anderson), but it turns out I did know two songs. Tickets were $13. (I know, right?) How could I say no?
The concert was at a casino. Bonus.
My dad was our D.D. for the ride home. Bonus.
And my mom watched the kids = free babysitting.  BONUS.

We might have parked and pre-gamed a bit in the conversion van before going inside...
My parents own a sweet 1995 maroon Ford Econoline van. 
Oh the memories!
I hope they still have that big, beautiful beast when my own kids are old enough to drive.  

We proceeded to drink some Captain Morgan that mysteriously made it inside...
Drink mixing in the bathroom always adds a bit of fun to a night.
(I love my family.)

Apparently it was hot in there....

About halfway through the concert, all us girls decided to make our way to the stage.
We proceeded to liven up the party.
(Not hard to do when 3/4 of the crowd is over the age of 50.)

A McDonald's run by our trusty driver Jeff rounded our the night. Nothing like ordering 16 burgers and some fries from one vehicle to confuse the teenagers running the place!

In last week's post I discussed how I was trying out a new brand of fingernail polish: Essie.
I am pleased to report that it is AH-MAZING.
I am finishing out Day 7 right now, and I have zero chips. 
(I used the base and top coat, along with 2 coats of color as directed.)
In fact I am probably going to take it off soon just because I am tired of it - not because it chipped off and looks crappy. 
And that has never happened before.

Yesterday morning when Graham woke up, I started to change him. 
He was wearing a fleece sleeper that is a bit big for him.
I slide the zipper down and find this in the leg of his sleeper:
He slept with a plastic ear of corn in his pant leg.
How comfy!
That started my day off with a good laugh.

And finally (and also FINALLY!),
I bit the bullet and got a smartphone yesterday.

My old piece-o-crap was not even charging anymore.
I went into the store to just browse a few phones for when I did decide to switch, and I had them put my phone on their charger since it was dying. It wouldn't even charge on any of their chargers.
Time to upgrade.
I opted for the Samsung Galaxy s4 mini. 

Jared and my sis Beaner have the s3, but I never have liked how big it is. The mini is designed to compete with the Iphone since it is the same size. I like that it fits in my pocket a little better, but still has all the same features.

And this is the part where I say I am going to try hard not to become one of *those people.* 
Those constant phone-checking, Facebook-scrolling people.
I still think it's really important to be present when you are with people, and for me that means the especially important little people in my house. And maybe Jared too. ;)

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  1. The concert looked so fun!
    Glad you were able to do last minute -- unexpected fun is the best I think :)
    Loved all the pictures and the ear of corn? Hilarious!

    Oh, and now I want to try that nail polish :)


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