Monday, February 17, 2014

pool time

Yesterday afternoon Jared and I loaded up the kids (and Justy) and went to King's Pointe in Storm Lake. I figured a little water park action during the bleakest part of winter might liven things up. Plus Sunday is half-price day. It was under 15 bucks for all five of us to go - can't beat that!

Three adults to three toddlers was a good ratio. 
The girls wore their puddle jumpers and were basically independent with supervision. I can't even begin to count how many times Avery and Bailey went down the kiddie slide. It was definitely their favorite part. They also snuck in a head-first slide every once in a while.
probably just to get the cute, shirtless lifeguard to come talk to them.  ;)

Meanwhile Graham was content to be held. The entire time.
He enjoyed splashing around a little bit, but didn't want to venture anywhere on his own.
Justy got in a lot of Graham snuggles.

I think we were there a grand total of three and a half hours.
And just a random observation: Jared and I couldn't believe how many women were there - with their kids - with like full-on stage make-up on. Like the stuff was caked. False eyelashes and more foundation than I probably use in a month. I thought that was weird. Really, who are you trying to impress at the kids' water park? I digress...

And as expected, all three kids were exhausted.
Some more than others.
(Talkin' about you, Avery Jo.)
And to be honest, Jared and I were too.

And as it seems to happen with parenting, no good deed goes unpunished.
When we arrived home, Avery threw the largest fit in recent memory. 
If it weren't for the fact that the kids all reeked of chlorine and have dry skin to begin with, bath time would have been skipped. Alas, baths were given, clean pajamas put on. 
And as I tucked Graham in to bed and headed for the door I heard it: the sound of vomiting and the smell of grease. (Did I mention we ate out for supper after swimming?)

Today hasn't been much better. 
Avery had to have been put in time-out at least 8 times before 10 AM. 
And Bailey was so tired and cranky, she passed out on the couch at 3:00 this afternoon.

I am hoping everyone sleeps in tomorrow morning and catches up a bit, because I don't want another whine-filled day tomorrow!
(Hey, a mom can dream!...)

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  1. $15?!? That's a hell of a steal!!! And ESPECIALLY for 3 1/2hrs of fun!
    You guys make the cutest family -- best pics
    And I love Jareds beard! Wish Jib could have one -- but even still -- couldn't grow it like that. Ha!


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